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In queue view, the sender displayed is not the last one

in queue view (S, M and L), the displayed Sender is not always the sender of the last article and it's quite annoying for my users.


Even if the last article was sent by an agent, the sender displayed in the queue views corresponds to the customer.


I submitted a bug (, but I was told it is not a bug and it is the expected behaviour...


What do you think about it?


with this behaviour, in queue view, we can think that the last article is from our customer and the ticket was not taken into account....



I would expect to return the last article and display the sender from it.


Looking at the source code, the "problem" seems to be in Kernel/Output/HTML/TicketOverview/ : from line 440 (OTRS 6.0.20) :

get the last article from customer

if no record was found, get the last article from the agent

if no record was found, get the last article

then extract the Sender and Subject from the article previously returned


Thank you for voting for this idea!!




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