New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Merge dynamic and free fields when merging ticets

Use all dynamic and free fields when merging tickets.


We use Dynamic fields and Free fields to map tickets to products or orders.

However when we merge a ticket that doesn't have any free/dynamic fields we

need to be certain to merge it in a specific order otherwise the free/dynamic

fields will be removed/emptied.


Better would be to map the fields of both tickets. If one ticket doesn't have

the free/dynamic field, use the one of the ticket that does have the info. If

both tickets have info, use the current implementation.



loop over all dynamic/free fields for ticket #1

if length of field ticket #1 > 0 and length of field ticket #2 = 0

then use field of ticket #1

else use field of ticket #2



If this is undesired, you could also make a setting for it so it can be



Idea No. 1399