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Overzealous advertisement of Business Solution™

The OTRS Free system bombards the admin with OTRS BS™️ everywhere, and that's probably understandable. I won't complain, I can live with it. Admins are damned anyway.


However OTRS 6 started pretty visibly to annoy the average agents: User setting/logout, Calendar and Reports contain advertisements, and various parts of the system contain ads as well. I do not think this is nice. Obviously I have the source, I can grep and eredicate it, but it'd be much nicer to acknowledge that yes, admin is aware of the BS™️ version and no, s/he doesn't want to use it just right now, so it's not strictly required to remind everyone about that every minute. Like an "AckowledgeBusinessSolutionAvailability" switch in SysConfig, to be set to true, and make all the ad menu entries be gone.


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