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Generic Agent Negative Search

The Generic Agent is a very powerful tool, but the one thing that is a problem at the moment is that you cannot filter negatively. In other words, you can't perform an operation on tickets that DO NOT have an SLA assigned to them.


Including this functionality would greatly improve on the flexibility of OTRS, and reduce the number of work-arounds in place to overcome this.

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Click2Dial for OTRS

Click2dial is a very useful tool for agents that have to do outbound calls: You click on the phonenumber on customer information, your phone rings and you get connected to your customer. You save time and -more important- you can focus on ticket history while you get connected.

There are several Open Source Click2Dial solutions available already: Sipgate offers this as a Firefox AddOn. The better one is a vtiger CRM... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Allow agent to add other agents to ticket watch list

Add the ability for the agent to add other agents to the ticket watch list without having to contact the other agent and ask them to log in and watch the ticket.

We have management staff who wish to be notified of certain high priority tickets with important customers, and who wish to receive all follow up on those tickets. We CC them on the original email, but then they often do not log in to click "watch" for the ticket,... more »
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Agent like customer

We are using OTRS like helpdesk for our customers, but it should be useful to use it for internal company support as well (for example IT support). There could be option to easy switch between agent and customer frontend.
Someone will be login as agent and will be solving a ticket, in one moment he/she will need to post a ticket to internal support (a printer doesn't print, etc.) and then he/she will switch to agent frontend... more »
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User Experience

Personal work log/work history

It often would be really helpful for agents to get back to what they've done the last days. Like "I forwarded you that ticket yesterday" or "I had this particular guy just a minute before" or "wait I just closed that this morning".

Would be cool to have a personal work log, analogue to the ticket history with filters on date, history type etc. and direkt links to the tickets/articles for quick access.

Seems like an... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Let us sort tickets by those that have unread articles

It's great to have a notification by a ticket to tell me that it has one or more unread articles but (IMO) a huge omission not to allow me to sort by this value.

When help desk staff are looking at which unlocked tickets in their queue they should be prioritising, it's surely the ones with an answer from the customer that are the most important. I was hoping to create a new dashlet that would list tickets first by new... more »
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User Experience

Agent preferences: default view after login

I would like to have a new setting for Agent preferences, that will allow to select the initial view after logging in to OTRS:
- Dashboard (current default, if dashboard is active),
- Queue view
- Status view
- Escalation view
- (some other view?)

Some agents prefer to go to Dashboard initially, others would like to be in Queue view by default.

I know that I could do that by providing adapted URLs as favorites to agent... more »
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Reporting and Analytics

statistics for individual agent

I would like to create a statistics to show the performance of individual agents. OTRS does already support this, but the statistic should only be available for the agent the statistics runs on. This is in order to avoid trouble with workers council.

Instead of creating lot of different stats and allow only one user to access it- it would be great to create one statistic and during runtime, the current agent (who just... more »
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More agent preferences

I suggest to extend the option for agent preferences and agent sync preferences. I continuously miss the function to sync agent job title, department, phone number, fax number, etc. when connected to LDAP. In general I would like to have more preferences assigned to agent accounts and available via OTRS notification tags. Especially with the new function of OTRS 3.0 to send an email with the agents email address does... more »
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IT Service Management

Workorder Agent should be able to add an attachment to his repor

OTRS ITSM Change Management:

Workorder Agent should be able to add an attachment to his report from the workorder.


Changebuilder will attach a checklist for the workorder agent (e.g. PDF-File), which will be processed and filled out by the agent. The agent attaches the completed Checklist to the report in the workorder.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Vacation function for Generic Agent

It should be possible to choose if a job created with generic agent should run also on vacation. If you have a job that should be running especially on vacation or especially not on vacation there is no possibility to choose.

At the sysconfig there is already a setting Framework -> Core::Time::TimeVacationDays

Please built in two options which use this setting at generic agent.
Run also at vacation [X] and Run only... more »
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Reporting and Analytics

Summary of the number of tickets assigned to a group of agents

Implement a function that make visible in a table like "Agent | Nr. Assigned" the number of the ticket, not the list, but only the number of tickets allocated to each agent belong to a group.

This is useful for the agent who schedules the allocation of tickets as it would in real time the exact view of the workload assigned to a group of agents, before giving one of them a new ticket.