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IT Service Management

Alternate sub attributes for CIs

While designing the model for our CMDB, I ran accross the problem how we can model changes of physical machines to virtual ones. I didn't find a way how I could make sure valid configurations are enforced under all circumstances. The one thing I missed is a way to describe that a CI either has attributes A and B or C and D, but never all four of them. I was able to express that specifying A implies necessity to specify... more »
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Customer Service

Ticket Search Attributes in Main Menu

With integrating ElasticSearch in OTRS 7 the input-field for FulltextSearch disappeared in the main menu.

Suggestion for OTRS 8 Agent-Frontend:
It should be possible for agents to search a ticket by ticketnumber without opening another window (like still existing search for customer / customer-user).
Maybe other companys are focused on different search-attributes. So it would be great to select in sysconfig the search-attributes... more »