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IT Service Management

Cable Management for CIs

I suggest to support cable management for CIs.


Currently it's very dificult to document the relation of CIs on a connector level.


I don't know if the OTRS CMDB was meant for this, but where else would you document the cable linking if you already have all the devices in your CMDB ?

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Integration between OTRS and Zenoss

I suggest implementing integration of Zenoss and OTRS.

The Zenoss monitoring system includes a full-fledged CMDB that automatically collects info on devices. This CMDB can effectively replace the OTRS CMDB in terms of automatic data collection of devices.

Ideally there should be a standardized method for Zenoss to generate tickets other than email, and for OTRS to retrieve data from the Zenoss CMDB without requiring... more »
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IT Service Management

Alternate sub attributes for CIs

While designing the model for our CMDB, I ran accross the problem how we can model changes of physical machines to virtual ones. I didn't find a way how I could make sure valid configurations are enforced under all circumstances. The one thing I missed is a way to describe that a CI either has attributes A and B or C and D, but never all four of them. I was able to express that specifying A implies necessity to specify... more »
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IT Service Management

Information about CIs on ticket creation/display

Please add CI information to the customer information bar as you do with the "Open tickets".

The idea is that the customer information are always stored in a data field of type "Customer" on the CI.
So with the information about the chosen customer for the (new or existing) ticket you can perform a seach on every CI class (maybe make this a configurable option) where such fields are configured and display the count of... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Enhance search for CI when linking within ticket

If you want to link a config item to a ticket from inside the ticket you can only search for it by
- ConfigItem#
- Name
- Deployment State
- Incident State (see CISearchFromTicket.png)
It would be nice if you were given the same choice of custom fields just like when searching the CMDB (see CISearchFromCMDB.png).
Because right now we always have to open a new tab, search for the CI there and copy over the CI#... more »