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Software Licence management

CMDB is very closed to be a complete license management backend: There is just a way needed to add for example a MS volume licensing contract like an inventory. Everytime a licence gets used as an CI the counter gets down. This is needed in nearly all companies, they spend big effort on licencse management and auditing.

IT Service Management

CMDB as additional CustomerUser backend

I suggest to extend the available customer backends with the OTRS own CMDB as an additional backend, limited to certain classes. Because customers should be in the CMS as well, this would perfectly make sense and I can think of a very very similar configuration than it is currently for SQL and LDAP. An side effect would be that ALL customer details are permanently stored in OTRS and not just fetched from LDAP. The authentication... more »

IT Service Management

Show a Customers Config Items when Creating a Ticket

Currently when you raise a new ticket after selecting a customer the “Customer Information” box on the right is propagated.

I suggested this box be extended or another box added below showing the config items that customer owns such as there laptop, mobile phone, printer etc.

Maybe also being able to quickly “Link Ticket” to a item in this box would be good.

IT Service Management

Allow customer users to see some parts of CMDB

I need to allow to my customer user to see defined part of CMDB. Most important is to show him CIs which have the Customer user in Owner field. Another need is to show CIs linked with services customer uses. For example to allow read some parts of documentation stored in CMDB.

IT Service Management

CMDB Links should show up as pages

In OTRS 2.4.9 we have a big CMDB and some of the CIs have hundreds or even thousands of relations. When trying to see one of those CIs apache takes a lot time (some times up to 10 minutes) to build the configuration and show it up on the screen so it times out. It would be great if the CMDB relations where shown up in pages so apache can paint the first page and continue building the rest of the pages in the background... more »