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Add comment to linked objects in tickets

I think it would be nice if it would be possible to add a comment when linking an object like another ticket or an CI to a ticket.

For example if you link a ticket to the current ticket you could describe what relationship the to tickets have or the context in which the ticket was linked. An example comment could be "Ticket addresses the same problem.". These comments would be an optional additional human readable explanation... more »
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Add comment to Generic Agents

As an OTRS administrator on systems with many GenericAgents, I'd like to have the possibility to create comments in each GenericAgent to document what I have in my mind or where I use it or maybe to write down some kind of a history.
Especially when I trigger on or change DynamicFields that are not displayed anywhere (just Helpers), it might be difficult to understand the GenericAgent several months after I (or even someone... more »