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IT Service Management

Improve the way classes and sub-classes of CIs are shown

I suggest to improve the way classes and sub-classes are shown on AgentITSMConfigItem, and make them look like queues and sub-queues are shown.

When building a large CMDB, it's neccesary to create sub-classes inside classes. Since OTRS creates sub-queues and sub-services on database using the parent::child syntax, it's easy to think this is the way sub-classes on CIs should be created so we have a Servers class and then... more »
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IT Service Management

Validators for CI attributes

I would suggest adding support for validators to CIs. For example, I tried adding storage size to a hardware CI class. Option a: Use text - no validation at all. Option b: Use integer. Fine for very limited value ranges, but gets out of hand soon (because of the generated selection list).

So I suggest that an option is added to validate inputs. This probably needs to be done on two levels to be usable: Javascript on... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Configure ticket notifications per Queue

In heterogenious environments it would be helpful if ticket notifications could be configured per queue (similar to escalations) instead of configuring them globally.
Some teams are working email focussed others are not. Some teams like to receive an email for every update of a ticket others want as few emails as possible.
Ideally there could be a default configuration for all and a dedicated configuration per queue... more »