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IT Service Management

CMDB as additional CustomerUser backend

I suggest to extend the available customer backends with the OTRS own CMDB as an additional backend, limited to certain classes. Because customers should be in the CMS as well, this would perfectly make sense and I can think of a very very similar configuration than it is currently for SQL and LDAP. An side effect would be that ALL customer details are permanently stored in OTRS and not just fetched from LDAP. The authentication... more »
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IT Service Management

Allow customer users to see some parts of CMDB

I need to allow to my customer user to see defined part of CMDB. Most important is to show him CIs which have the Customer user in Owner field. Another need is to show CIs linked with services customer uses. For example to allow read some parts of documentation stored in CMDB.

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Extend X-OTRS-headers for adding CustomerUser/Company

The new CIC in 3.2 is a step to some CRM in OTRS.The X-OTRS headers are a great way to set information on ticket creation. It would be great when you could ADD a CustomerUser / Company record this way similair as the X-OTRS-DynamicField-[fieldname]: [value] syntax


X-OTRS-CustomerUser-[fieldname]: [value]

X-OTRS-CustomerCompany-[fieldname]: [value]

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Set FreeFields eventsbased with values from CustomerUser Backend

I suggest to implement a function to automatically set freefields with values from CustomerUser Backend on a special event.

E.g. Add users costunit from a AD to a freefield on customer update.


(Enhance with a few lines of code.)

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User Experience

customer portal: unread mail

When having the ticket list open with My Tickets, I always see the email text of the first answer I received - after the ticket title. I don't see the text (body) of the last email (neither of the last email I received, nor the last email I sent). Please make it possible to see any later interaction in the ticket. And it would be great to be possible to configure which I would like to see: incoming or outgoing (for me... more »
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Customer Service

Extend CustomerUser Information Center with Ticket Relations

In 50 % of our cases we receive issues not directly from the user in question, also the HRs or consultants sent requests for their users.

So we use Dynamic Field to add customerUser information to tickets and we wont loose the connection.

By using a dynamic Field type customer there should be a configuration possibility to show all issues where the field is filled in the customerUser information center.

At the moment... more »