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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Delete Attachment from Ticket / Anhänge aus Ticket löschen

German version below:
I'm looking for a way to delete attachments from existing tickets that have been sent accidentally to us. Especially with the GDPR, the customers are more sensible regarding this topic. Currently the only way is to delete the whole ticket, in this process the whole communication between the supplier / customer would be lost, too.
I want the choice to delete selected attachments. This deletion should... more »
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Customer Service

linking tickets to FAQs (unidirectional, temporary, hidden)

I suggest to
- optionally hide links from tickets to FAQs
- or to delete them after a configurable time
- or to create a FAQ watch list
- or to make unidirectional links possible,

Use Case:

1. You work on a ticket and link it to a FAQ, so that you or others don't overlook it.

(Usally because of important information to solve the ticket or to remember to update the FAQ. Similiar to the ticket watch list.)

2. Since... more »
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Allow the ability to delete customers

I would like to suggest that you create a method to mark customers as deleted thereby removing them from the list on the customer management screen.

I know that currently you can mark them as "Invalid" however this still allows the customer to be displayed, thus taking up space on the management screen.
If you could mark a customer as "Deleted" it would then mean that the customer would not display on the management... more »
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User Experience

Have a safety warning before deleting a GenericAgent

When you delete a GenericAgent, this is done immediately without an "Are you sure you want to delete...".

As the deletion is placed directly near the run button, a GenericAgent can be easily deleted by mistake.


I propose to have an "Are you sure...?" question before the GenericAgent is actually deleted, similar to the question if you are sure when you want to run it.