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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Link DynamicFields to Queues

The new DynamicFields are great to store information about a ticket. But an OTRS system is often used for different departments: CustomerService, Sales, Dealer Support etc. These departments have there own queues and there own DynamicFields. Now all fields are shown or must be filled in a ticket. If a DF could be linked to a queue (just like Responses) a lot of superfluous agent handling (coding fields "not relevant"...)... more »
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datetime value in dynamic fields by event

Now there is no opportunity to set current datetime value in custom dynamic field by using GenericAgent jobs. Only fixed datetime value is allowed to set by event. For example i need to save responsible change time and compare this value by other task. Please consider my idea to add this opportunity.

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Dynamic DateTime fields lack "default on/off" setting

ITSM has moved the implementation of "Due Date" to the new Dynamic Field mechanism.

Wherever such a DateTime field is exposed as editable for the first time, it now has its "activated" check box ticked by default, by default causing the (default) date time value to be set for the field. This is different to the previous ITSM behavior, and now requires the user to explicitly uncheck the checkbox for the date (95% of... more »