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Generic Agent Ticket FollowUp trigger

... is missing. I can only specify TicketNoteAdded without filtering author: Customer or Agent.
FollowUp events filtering would be very useful.
Use case:
I have a bunch of services set with different SLAs. And I have 'Customer' queue without any notifications, SLA isn't being calculated there as well. Ticket awaits response from customer in that queue.
Once customer has responded, ticket should be automatically moved... more »
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datetime value in dynamic fields by event

Now there is no opportunity to set current datetime value in custom dynamic field by using GenericAgent jobs. Only fixed datetime value is allowed to set by event. For example i need to save responsible change time and compare this value by other task. Please consider my idea to add this opportunity.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Modification of the event based notification module

It would be a great idea to include 2 things in the event based notification module:
- to be able to use OTRS fields (i.e OTRS_CUSTOMER_EMAIL) to define the email recipient of a notification
- Add the CC field in the module in order to send the message to other peoples.
In fact, I tri to send a message automaticaly to the customer and also to internal email when an event happen. Depending of the ticket, the customer... more »