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User Experience

Reply to (and forward of) Ticket Notes

I suggest to enable "Forward" and "Reply" for internal (and maybe external) notes.

In case of replying to an internal Note, I suggest OTRS to preselect the new Note recipients based on the old Note recipients that I want to answer. So the "Reply" is actually a new Note!


Reply would be more interesting than the Forward function. I would like OTRS to provide both functions, enabled by default.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Queue based forwarding templates

I suggest to have email-templates defined when forwarding an article to persons/systems outside of OTRS. Most of the time you have to write that you forward this article out of otrs and kindly ask for assistance ... (via a template this can be already put inside the email)
It would be really great to define different "forward email" templates - similar as it is done for email answers - from which you can choose from:... more »
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Ticket Forward/Compose auto completion for agents

If you click forward or Compose on a ticket article the auto completion for the TO/CC/BCC fields are only matching with the customer user and not with the agents.

It would be helpful to match with the agents as well, so that you can forward a ticket/article to multiple persons and don't have to type them.

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Check for otrs system address while forwarding

When you do a forward of an article it might happen that some (not well trained) agents to forward the article to another OTRS system address, instead of a 'real' email address outside of OTRS. In this case a new customer article is added to the current ticket, but nobody outside the otrs system will be informed as it has been the original intention of the agent.
In order to avoid this I do suggest to add a "Warning Pop... more »
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Make ticket notifications forwardable

Dear all,

in there was a request to make ticket notifications forwardable. This idea is in status "completed", so I expected it to be implementet.

In the current OTRS 6 version, these notifications aren't forwardable, because of:
if ( $Param{ChannelName} eq 'Email' && $Param{Article}->{SenderType}
eq 'system' ) {

# skip... more »