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datetime value in dynamic fields by event

Now there is no opportunity to set current datetime value in custom dynamic field by using GenericAgent jobs. Only fixed datetime value is allowed to set by event. For example i need to save responsible change time and compare this value by other task. Please consider my idea to add this opportunity.

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User Experience

Have a safety warning before deleting a GenericAgent

When you delete a GenericAgent, this is done immediately without an "Are you sure you want to delete...".

As the deletion is placed directly near the run button, a GenericAgent can be easily deleted by mistake.


I propose to have an "Are you sure...?" question before the GenericAgent is actually deleted, similar to the question if you are sure when you want to run it.

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Add comment to Generic Agents

As an OTRS administrator on systems with many GenericAgents, I'd like to have the possibility to create comments in each GenericAgent to document what I have in my mind or where I use it or maybe to write down some kind of a history.
Especially when I trigger on or change DynamicFields that are not displayed anywhere (just Helpers), it might be difficult to understand the GenericAgent several months after I (or even someone... more »