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Ical import of public holidays in calendar

OTRS provides you with different working time calendars that can used to reflect the service level windows of an organization. For public holidays the administrator has to define them on yearly basis which leads to an avoidable overhead.

Therefore I recommend implementing a feature where you can pull these information from a public ICS repository to reflect for example german holidays, etc.

The Admin would just define... more »
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IT Service Management

iCal integration for Work Orders

I would like to have the change management to send out iCal invites to assigned Work Order Agents for Work Orders. If the agent accepts the invite the system sets the Work Order automatically to accepted.

If the invite is declined the Work Order is set to canceled and the Change Manager is informed

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Import attached iCal or Outlook-Date files

It would be great to be able to import iCal or Outlook-Date files from attachments to one of the calendars in OTRS or at least to show the content in a human readable way.

Customers send their invitation to remote sessions often via Outlook, WebEx, Skype aso. as email with a ics file or a file-3 as attachment. To open and read those files, you need to download it and open it in a related outlook-like client.... more »