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An information banner on the customer portal

On the log-in page (before the customer actually logs in), I am suggesting the addition of a news/information widget to broadcast information about system downtimes and outages. Customers accessing the portal to report related problems won't bother to do so as they would already be informed in prior.

The message board should be populated by an agent or admin from the backend.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Customer object as a dynamic field in ITSM Changes

Currently the Customer object is not connected with ITSM Change, which hinders to have an overall look of all changes/work orders related to the customer.
If it was possible to have a lock-up field for the Customer object, agents could easily choose an existing customer from the lock-up field in the ITSM Change. This prevents wrong spelling of the customer name in a customized text field. It also helps the Agents to get... more »
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Customer Service

Extend CustomerUser Information Center with Ticket Relations

In 50 % of our cases we receive issues not directly from the user in question, also the HRs or consultants sent requests for their users.

So we use Dynamic Field to add customerUser information to tickets and we wont loose the connection.

By using a dynamic Field type customer there should be a configuration possibility to show all issues where the field is filled in the customerUser information center.

At the moment... more »