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User Experience

Freeze menu bar at top of all windows

It would be great if the black menu bar was frozen at the top of all windows as a separate frame so it stays visible when the agents scrolls down. This would make functionality better and also retain visibility of locked tickets etc as well as faster access to other options/search boxes etc.

This type of frozen menu bar would ironically replicate what we see here on IdeaScale's website and bring OTRS into line with... more »
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User Experience

Overzealous advertisement of Business Solution™

The OTRS Free system bombards the admin with OTRS BS™️ everywhere, and that's probably understandable. I won't complain, I can live with it. Admins are damned anyway.

However OTRS 6 started pretty visibly to annoy the average agents: User setting/logout, Calendar and Reports contain advertisements, and various parts of the system contain ads as well. I do not think this is nice. Obviously I have the source, I can... more »
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Customer Service

Ticket Search Attributes in Main Menu

With integrating ElasticSearch in OTRS 7 the input-field for FulltextSearch disappeared in the main menu.

Suggestion for OTRS 8 Agent-Frontend:
It should be possible for agents to search a ticket by ticketnumber without opening another window (like still existing search for customer / customer-user).
Maybe other companys are focused on different search-attributes. So it would be great to select in sysconfig the search-attributes... more »