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User Experience

Include agent name in FROM column

I suggest to add the agent name inside article thread view inside the column FROM. Currently just the queue email address (alias) is given in this column. You have to look inside the article in order to see which agent has created it. Therefore I suggest to add the name of the agent in addition to the queue email address. It may look like: "HelpDesk (send by Klaus Meier)"

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Allow variables in system email display name

Please make it possible to use OTRS variables like agent name in the display name for a system email address.

In the case that an agent answers to a ticket it would make sense to include the name of the agent in the from field.

For all the other cases like notifications one will need to define a default anonymous sender name.

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Right form of the names

OTRS aims to internationalization (i18n), so the right appearance of the dates is provided according to the language files. Nevertheless, the names are still not in the right form.

There is not a separate setting for the Customers' names, it can be manipulated only in the file, but is doesn't appear on the Customer's interface (Picture 1).

There is a separate setting for the Agents' name here: Framework →... more »