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OTRS app market

It's seems crazy and even may go oposity to opensource Idea, but as developer, I would suggest an easy Package install for OTRS, based on a OTRS Market, as Google Play or Apple Store etc.

Each installation would have it's on Market interface and administrators could install packages and add ons directly from there.

It of course would stimulate developers to make your packages available and foment it's development... more »
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Integration between OTRS and Zenoss

I suggest implementing integration of Zenoss and OTRS.

The Zenoss monitoring system includes a full-fledged CMDB that automatically collects info on devices. This CMDB can effectively replace the OTRS CMDB in terms of automatic data collection of devices.

Ideally there should be a standardized method for Zenoss to generate tickets other than email, and for OTRS to retrieve data from the Zenoss CMDB without requiring... more »
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Compatibility with Mantis

We are currently using MantisBT as a bug tracking system. We also have our self-made ITSM system which we would like to replace with OTRS.

So far, OTRS looks very nice and very attractive, but we are missing a couple of things. One of them is compatibility between Mantis and OTRS. We would like to be able to export a ticket from OTRS to Mantis (automatically create an issue in Mantis with the information from OTRS and... more »
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Reporting and Analytics

Customized reports


Must say OTRS looks really nice, but there is something we greatly miss before definitively deciding to use it instead of our custom made ticket management system.

I am talking about billing reports (or invoices) for customers. Although reports can be customized to display different data, they are still quite restrictive.

Let's say a customer makes requests a few times a month (or any other period). We fulfill... more »
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Selectable TransitionActions

ProcessManagement GUI for OTRS 3.2 has different TransitionAction modules, but you need to know the package name and the arguments for each one. (like in GenericAgent)

I suggest a similar approach as the operations and invokers in GenericInterface (not the same as GenericAgent), they get registered in the SysConfig and they have their own dialogs, using this the GUI could present a selection box and when you select one... more »
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IT Service Management

CreateTicket from ConfigItem Zoom

Hello people, we are using OTRS over 9 months, I would throw the following idea: Allow you to create a ticket starting by the asset.
I try to explain: some of our customers (health care companies) define contractually the Services and SLAs of their assets.
An example: The Desktop present in the operating room has an SLA Recovery H24 in 2 hours.
This client, when call our Help Desk, provides the serial number of the... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Otrs and swarehouse management and asset

Hello everyone,

I propose to introduce a warehouse management, and the versatile and complete of any asset associated with a user and be able to see when you open and close a tichet as customer information, very useful for information and problem management and organized to take stock.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

FieldHelpContainer as in OTRS 6

Die Beschreibung (lang) bei einem Feld im ActivityDialog wurde in OTRS 6 mit "?" im FieldHelpContainer dargestellt. In OTRS 7 wird dieser Text im externen Frontend einfach unter das Feld geschrieben, was bei längeren Texten den Dialog unübersichtlich macht. Dies trägt nicht zur Nutzerzufriedenheit bei.