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Dashboard: Queues Overview

Would love to have a module "Queues Overview" for the dashboard that display the status of selected queues (My Queues) in a visual way.


ie (translated to text, capture to follow):

- Queue1 - new: 2, open: 4, pending: 5

- Queue2 - new: 0, open: 2, pending: 4



This is clearly intended for supervisor and could end up on a big flat screen in the operating room.

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IT Service Management

Allow customer users to see some parts of CMDB

I need to allow to my customer user to see defined part of CMDB. Most important is to show him CIs which have the Customer user in Owner field. Another need is to show CIs linked with services customer uses. For example to allow read some parts of documentation stored in CMDB.

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Attachment overview

I suggest to list all attachments included in whole discussion thread on a special overview-page, or side bar of the current ticket. Especially when a ticket is assigned to you where already many data was exchanged between customer and previous agent - you need to go through the different articles to download all attached data. By having an overview page you could download all attachment more easily.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Graphical overview of linked objects

It would be nice to have a somehow graphical tree overview of all the linked objects (child, parent, normal articles, faqs) So that you can have a quick overview how the current article is linked to other objects.


Maybe a separate module? Graphical overview could also be implemented just as text with some dotted lines.