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IT Service Management

Tickets with Task & Workload planning

Tickets with Task & Workload planning.

To get direct overview on the Helpdesk workload: add an "Expected Work Time" (EWT) field per ticket + Time/Task planning by adding per ticket begin and end date and assigning the ticket (task) to an agent.
Now long lasting tickets (ie software bug/feature can last several days/weeks) can be planned and an overview can be given about the workload of the helpdesk/engineers.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Resource Planning: Use objects (or CIs) as appointment resources

As a trainer I want to plan our resources according training appointments in the calendar module. To manage the trainers, you can use the resource planning feature addon. To manage objects, e.g. laptops for the trainings, you would have to create agents for them. It would be great if I could select objects (e.g. as ConfigItems from the CMDB) as resources for the appointments in the calendar.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Calendar Reasource Planning: ICS file to customers

As a trainer I want to use the Feature AddOn Calendar Resource Planning to manage the appointments in a calendar, via ICS file. It would be great if those ics files could be provided to my customers / the other people in my trainings.