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IT Service Management

CMDB Links should show up as pages

In OTRS 2.4.9 we have a big CMDB and some of the CIs have hundreds or even thousands of relations. When trying to see one of those CIs apache takes a lot time (some times up to 10 minutes) to build the configuration and show it up on the screen so it times out. It would be great if the CMDB relations where shown up in pages so apache can paint the first page and continue building the rest of the pages in the background... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Restrict linked tickets shown at Config Item Zoom

In the Config Item zoom, there is no way to choose which linked items (for example: tickets) are shown, so, when too many tickets are linked to a CI, opening the CI zoom view could get slower, or simply not too smart when you need to scroll down for a long time.
It would be great to make possible to configure from the SysConfig, which tickets and other elements are shown. It would be important to be able to filter archived... more »
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Customer Service

Extend CustomerUser Information Center with Ticket Relations

In 50 % of our cases we receive issues not directly from the user in question, also the HRs or consultants sent requests for their users.

So we use Dynamic Field to add customerUser information to tickets and we wont loose the connection.

By using a dynamic Field type customer there should be a configuration possibility to show all issues where the field is filled in the customerUser information center.

At the moment... more »