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User Experience

Search for tickets not changed

On the Search page it is possible to search for tickets changed during a certain period. It would be helpful if it was also possible to invert the search and search for tickets NOT changed. This would be a helpful option for supervisors / managers to monitor their staff and to make sure to tickets get 'forgotten'.


And as Nils, etc below said, in fact most search options would benefit from a 'not' function.

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User Experience

OTRS Agent search results tick/check box bulk vs. one off

Allow multiple selects with option to zoom each ticked/checked case to open in a new browser tab vs. one off case tick/check and zoom to new browser tab. Could also include the other functions such as unlock/lock, history, priority, note, close, and move. When you select bulk tick/check box it does not provide any fo these options.

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search ticket by number

We need to look for tickets by number a lot. Search field


is good, but full text search takes a lot of time.

And a switch that says that we are looking for a ticket number, or a separate search field like




could be a great thing.