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Make all columns sortable and resizeable.

Currently there are many columns in OTRS which cannot be sorted by ascending or descending order. Some columns in the ticket search and FAQ can be sorted, but columns in Customer search, Services, and Sysconfig cannot be sorted this way.

Also it would be very nice if the columns could be resized by dragging the column divider left or right. OTRS usually has a character display limit which must be changed in the .dtl... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Let us sort tickets by those that have unread articles

It's great to have a notification by a ticket to tell me that it has one or more unread articles but (IMO) a huge omission not to allow me to sort by this value.

When help desk staff are looking at which unlocked tickets in their queue they should be prioritising, it's surely the ones with an answer from the customer that are the most important. I was hoping to create a new dashlet that would list tickets first by new... more »
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Sort tickets by last customer contact

Tickets now are sorted by pure age - which is misleading when a ticket stood closed for a certain time. Customers are awarded if they dig out old ticket numbers instead of opening a new case.

I attached a module (2.4.x) with a well thought concept which was developed with help of the OTRS AG.

In short: A FreeTime field is used to store the last customer contact. The last sender is stored on top to hinder repeated mails... more »
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Add possibility to sort Lists

In the admin area there are a lot of lists: agents, groups queues...
All these lists are sorted by different keys. one Time its the internal name of the object, one time its the display name and other times its the ID.
Please add a possibility to sort the lists by choosing a column. Perhaps it is possible to make the column header a link to sort by that column. There are plenty examples for such a functionality in the... more »
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User Experience

Improve the possible ability for customization the Agent View.

It would be great if a agent can change the default used sortby and orderby values for links like the Toolbar item, locked Tickets.


default State now:


default State after customization:;Filter=All;View=;;SortBy=State;OrderBy=Up