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User Experience

add config option AgentTicketZoom::RequiredLock

Add a config option to auto lock a ticket when opening (zooming) a ticket: AgentTicketZoom:RequiredLock =1 (just as all the other RequiredLock options). I want all opened tickets to be locked for reason:1. they should be locked....

2. it updates the ticket history table, so I can see who worked on the ticket and

3. I can calculate the time worked on the ticket based on the ticket_history entries

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Option to suppress auto responses to new call tickets

In lots of situations and constellations an auto response to a call ticket is not necessary or even rather disturbing to the customer.


This said OTRS lacks an option to decide if or not auto responses are sent when a new call ticket is created and not closed immediately.


It's a rather small change to the Ticket/, so making it an option seems pretty straight forward.

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automatically creation of tickets bei time schedule



i am searching for an possibility to automatically create tickets by a time schedule. For example on every first workday in a week do check the backup. Or on every last day of month to perform some action to close the financial period. Is there at leased on idea like this or is there any solution to create those tickets?


best regards Jürgen Neyses

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Allow agent to add other agents to ticket watch list

Add the ability for the agent to add other agents to the ticket watch list without having to contact the other agent and ask them to log in and watch the ticket.

We have management staff who wish to be notified of certain high priority tickets with important customers, and who wish to receive all follow up on those tickets. We CC them on the original email, but then they often do not log in to click "watch" for the ticket,... more »
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IT Service Management

Show a Customers Config Items when Creating a Ticket

Currently when you raise a new ticket after selecting a customer the “Customer Information” box on the right is propagated.


I suggested this box be extended or another box added below showing the config items that customer owns such as there laptop, mobile phone, printer etc.


Maybe also being able to quickly “Link Ticket” to a item in this box would be good.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Ticket Tags

I suggest to implement a tagging feature for OTRS Tickets which can be used to categorize them.

The mechanism should be a smart one, meaning that when I enter a tag the system should check in the background for already defined similar tags.

Alternatively it would be great to have the chance browsing through the most recent tags.

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limitation of shown characters in Queues, Services, Ticket Title

I suggest to improve the way OTRS truncates the title of Tickets, Name of Queues and so on by simply limiting it to a fix amount of characters and just adding [...] this at the end.


As OTRS 3.0 adjust the size of tables and their cells automatically based on the screen you use, I would love to see the full Title as it will most definitely fit in my 30'' screen. ;-)

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"Move to last queue" as move option.

Tickets which are worked on by different departments often change queues back

and forth.


To easify and speed up the workflows it would be nifty to have a button "Move

back to...", which automatically pushes the ticket back into the last queue.

This could be a button in the ticket zoom as well as a quick choice in the move


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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Let us sort tickets by those that have unread articles

It's great to have a notification by a ticket to tell me that it has one or more unread articles but (IMO) a huge omission not to allow me to sort by this value.

When help desk staff are looking at which unlocked tickets in their queue they should be prioritising, it's surely the ones with an answer from the customer that are the most important. I was hoping to create a new dashlet that would list tickets first by new... more »