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IT Service Management

Improve the way classes and sub-classes of CIs are shown

I suggest to improve the way classes and sub-classes are shown on AgentITSMConfigItem, and make them look like queues and sub-queues are shown.

When building a large CMDB, it's neccesary to create sub-classes inside classes. Since OTRS creates sub-queues and sub-services on database using the parent::child syntax, it's easy to think this is the way sub-classes on CIs should be created so we have a Servers class and then... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Let us sort tickets by those that have unread articles

It's great to have a notification by a ticket to tell me that it has one or more unread articles but (IMO) a huge omission not to allow me to sort by this value.

When help desk staff are looking at which unlocked tickets in their queue they should be prioritising, it's surely the ones with an answer from the customer that are the most important. I was hoping to create a new dashlet that would list tickets first by new... more »
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User Experience

Agent preferences: default view after login

I would like to have a new setting for Agent preferences, that will allow to select the initial view after logging in to OTRS:
- Dashboard (current default, if dashboard is active),
- Queue view
- Status view
- Escalation view
- (some other view?)

Some agents prefer to go to Dashboard initially, others would like to be in Queue view by default.

I know that I could do that by providing adapted URLs as favorites to agent... more »
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User Experience

Manage Role-Agent Relations

I suggest to change the layout of the "Change Agent Relations for Role XYZ" page. Currently there is a long list of all agents and a tick for the agent of the role XYZ. Especially when you have lot of agents it is difficult to have a quick overview which agents do have a tick for role XYZ. I suggest to have a "two row" view: On the left you have a list of all agents and on the right you have a list of all agents of the... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Improved MERGE function

There are several key things that all our teams do in all our OTRS systems:
Open, Answer and Close Tickets
Assign Tickets to People and Queues
Delete Tickets, and finally
MERGE Tickets

As we use the email-to-OTRS mechanism for ticket creation quite heavily, merging tickets is probably about the 4 or 5 most common task our teams perform to properly organize support issues.

Unfortunately, merging ticket is also, bar none... more »
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User Experience

Nested articles

I suggest to have two different views of ticket view. One view as it is, meaning article sorted by date and time. And another view where you can see nested articles, as known from discussion forums.
When viewing a dedicated article you should have the option to comment directly on this article and then the new created article (your comment) should be added directly under the previous article - so it is very easy to follow... more »