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Define working hours as time range.

In the SLA-Calendars it would be nice to to have the ability to define time ranges instead of klicking hours on or off.

That way you could define a service time from 8:15 until 17:30 with lunch break.

The data structure might look like this:

Monday = [

{ start = "8:15", end = "12:30" },

{ start = "13:00", end = "17:30" },


Tuesday ...


It would be much more flexible.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Resource Planning: Use objects (or CIs) as appointment resources

As a trainer I want to plan our resources according training appointments in the calendar module. To manage the trainers, you can use the resource planning feature addon. To manage objects, e.g. laptops for the trainings, you would have to create agents for them. It would be great if I could select objects (e.g. as ConfigItems from the CMDB) as resources for the appointments in the calendar.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Calendar Reasource Planning: ICS file to customers

As a trainer I want to use the Feature AddOn Calendar Resource Planning to manage the appointments in a calendar, via ICS file. It would be great if those ics files could be provided to my customers / the other people in my trainings.

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Add option to assign team and ressource in calendar managment

Currently ticket appointments can be created automatically when a ticket is created via calendar management.
In calendar management exist the option to filter tickets which creates an appointment and to set Start and end date of the appointment.
It would be helpful to get the option to assign the Resource ("Team" and "Agent") for the appointment.

Example: calendar for vacation planning
Agents request vacation over... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

ressource calendar - same agent multiple teams not shown

We split our division into several teams of about 10-30 people inside there regular section. But of course they also appear in some kind of x-matrix teams as well as the section chiefs are in a ressource chiefs.

If anybody adds an appointment, connected to a resource and agent, you cannot see it in other resources. The workaround is to mark all resources and then add the person.

I see two problems with this solution:... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Import attached iCal or Outlook-Date files

It would be great to be able to import iCal or Outlook-Date files from attachments to one of the calendars in OTRS or at least to show the content in a human readable way.

Customers send their invitation to remote sessions often via Outlook, WebEx, Skype aso. as email with a ics file or a file-3 as attachment. To open and read those files, you need to download it and open it in a related outlook-like client.... more »