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escalation on first lock

Hi everybody,
many of our customers would really appreciate a further level of escalation for queues, that is:

escalation on first lock.

In my idea the escalation time should start as soon as the ticket is created and it should be stopped as soon as the ticket is locked the first time.
Further unlock/lock operations on the same ticket should not be taken into consideration.

Up till now it is not enough for an agent... more »
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IT Service Management

Escalation - Multiple Notify By options

As a service manager I would like to be notified during several steps of an escalation. E.g. when having a queue based escalation, I want to be notified after 30% and 50% and 90% of reaching the escalation time. So in conclusion it would be great if you could change the "Notify by" field type to multiselect except of dropdown.