New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Submitted by (@guenter.grein)

Configure ticket notifications per Queue

In heterogenious environments it would be helpful if ticket notifications could be configured per queue (similar to escalations) instead of configuring them globally. Some teams are working email focussed others are not. Some teams like to receive an email for every update of a ticket others want as few emails as possible. Ideally there could be a default configuration for all and a dedicated configuration per queue ...more »


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User Experience

Submitted by (@matthias.terlinde)

Ticket locking as async operation

Hey guys, I suggest, that the ticket lock operation should be an async operation in some cases. If I want to do a bluk action on tickets, OTRS locks all selected tickets. If I have around 100 selected tickets I have to wait quite some time until I can specify my wanted actions. Of cause I shouldn't be able to submit my changes until all tickets are locked. Since ticket locking isn't invulnerable to race conditions between ...more »


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Customer Service

Submitted by (@arno.poltrock)

Enable Field "Customer User" in pop up window "Change Priority"

In the pop-up window "Change Priority" the ticket details should be added the field "Customer User". This allowed you to change all the usual ticket information in one place. (see image)


Im Popup-Fenster "Change Priority" sollte den Ticketdetails das Feld "Customer User" hinzugefügt werden. Auf diese Weise können Sie alle üblichen Ticketinformationen an einem Ort ändern. (siehe Bild)


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User Experience

Submitted by (@doreen.maier)

set negative Filter

At the moment you can set a filter under Open Tickets or Reminder Tickets and so on -> Row "Customer ID" for only one customer.


It would be nice that you can set a "neg. Filter"

That's means, that I can filter all customer but not customer xyz.

Then I have a view of all tickets but without customer xyz.


Hope I could describe the issue clearly enough.


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User Experience

Submitted by (@stefan.abel)

Auto save processes while working on them

It would be great if the process module would automatically save the progress of building the process. This would save a lot of effort if you don't save the process (while building it) on a regular base - and the browser crashes or you have to close the browser tab (for any reason whatsoever). What I imagine is: - You start building the process. - The browser crashes (or you close it) and you don't have a chance to save ...more »


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User Experience

Submitted by (@elodie.lauraine)

How change to Owner by email X-OTRS-OWNER on an existing ticket?


I have created a ticket by email with tag to update the fields by Postmaster filter. It is ok, ticket created with fields fill in (owner, responsible, state, status, ....)

Now I want to sent another email to update the same fields with other value. The state, status are updated but not the owner and the responsible?

What it the reason?



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