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Customer Service

Extend CustomerUser Information Center with Ticket Relations

In 50 % of our cases we receive issues not directly from the user in question, also the HRs or consultants sent requests for their users.

So we use Dynamic Field to add customerUser information to tickets and we wont loose the connection.

By using a dynamic Field type customer there should be a configuration possibility to show all issues where the field is filled in the customerUser information center.

At the moment... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Import attached iCal or Outlook-Date files

It would be great to be able to import iCal or Outlook-Date files from attachments to one of the calendars in OTRS or at least to show the content in a human readable way.

Customers send their invitation to remote sessions often via Outlook, WebEx, Skype aso. as email with a ics file or a file-3 as attachment. To open and read those files, you need to download it and open it in a related outlook-like client.... more »
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Add comment to Generic Agents

As an OTRS administrator on systems with many GenericAgents, I'd like to have the possibility to create comments in each GenericAgent to document what I have in my mind or where I use it or maybe to write down some kind of a history.
Especially when I trigger on or change DynamicFields that are not displayed anywhere (just Helpers), it might be difficult to understand the GenericAgent several months after I (or even someone... more »
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User Experience

Dialog Anlegen/Ändern GenericAgent überarbeiten

Wir nutzen einige dynamische Felder vom Typ Datenbank und Configuration Item mit vielen Werten. Mittlerweile benötigt der Dialog zum Anlegen und Ändern von GenericAgents sehr lange, da er immer ALLE dynamischen Felder zum Selektieren und Ändern anzeigt. Hier wäre es wünschenswert, wenn man die dynamischen Felder für den jeweiligen GenericAgent auswählen könnte und nicht immer alle angezeigt werden. Zusätzlich wäre es... more »
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Customer Service

Survey mehrsprachig

Das Survey Modul sollte Mehrsprachigkeit unterstützen.
Der Kunde kann beim Öffnen der Survey Umfragen auswählen, in welcher Sprache diese angezeigt werden soll.

Beim Erstellen einer Umfrage werden die Fragen, sowie die möglichen Antwort erstellt.
Nach dem Erstellen kann diesem Set (Fragen und Antworten) eine Sprache zugewiesen werden.
Die Fragen und Antworten können dann weiteren Sprachen zugeteilt werden.
Alle erstellen... more »
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Add option to assign team and ressource in calendar managment

Currently ticket appointments can be created automatically when a ticket is created via calendar management.
In calendar management exist the option to filter tickets which creates an appointment and to set Start and end date of the appointment.
It would be helpful to get the option to assign the Resource ("Team" and "Agent") for the appointment.

Example: calendar for vacation planning
Agents request vacation over... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

FieldHelpContainer as in OTRS 6

Die Beschreibung (lang) bei einem Feld im ActivityDialog wurde in OTRS 6 mit "?" im FieldHelpContainer dargestellt. In OTRS 7 wird dieser Text im externen Frontend einfach unter das Feld geschrieben, was bei längeren Texten den Dialog unübersichtlich macht. Dies trägt nicht zur Nutzerzufriedenheit bei.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Fulltext Search as in version 5 and 6 / Volltextsuche wie in 5/6 trending idea

Wir möchten die Volltextsuche als kleines Eingabefenster in der Titelleiste zurück, wie bei Version 5 und 6.

Die zwei neuen kleinen Fenster für CustomerID und CustomerName sind nutzlos, wenn man zB eine Ticketnummer suchen möchte oder Volltext und die Elasticsearch bringt nicht die Ergebnisse die man braucht. Wir möchten daher das Fensterchen aus Version 5 und 6 zurück.

Es wäre auch ok, wenn man die zwei kleinen Fenster... more »
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IT Service Management

Escalation - Multiple Notify By options

As a service manager I would like to be notified during several steps of an escalation. E.g. when having a queue based escalation, I want to be notified after 30% and 50% and 90% of reaching the escalation time. So in conclusion it would be great if you could change the "Notify by" field type to multiselect except of dropdown.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Calendar Reasource Planning: ICS file to customers

As a trainer I want to use the Feature AddOn Calendar Resource Planning to manage the appointments in a calendar, via ICS file. It would be great if those ics files could be provided to my customers / the other people in my trainings.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Resource Planning: Use objects (or CIs) as appointment resources

As a trainer I want to plan our resources according training appointments in the calendar module. To manage the trainers, you can use the resource planning feature addon. To manage objects, e.g. laptops for the trainings, you would have to create agents for them. It would be great if I could select objects (e.g. as ConfigItems from the CMDB) as resources for the appointments in the calendar.

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Customer Service

Ticket Search Attributes in Main Menu

With integrating ElasticSearch in OTRS 7 the input-field for FulltextSearch disappeared in the main menu.

Suggestion for OTRS 8 Agent-Frontend:
It should be possible for agents to search a ticket by ticketnumber without opening another window (like still existing search for customer / customer-user).
Maybe other companys are focused on different search-attributes. So it would be great to select in sysconfig the search-attributes... more »