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Customer Service

Extend CustomerUser Information Center with Ticket Relations

In 50 % of our cases we receive issues not directly from the user in question, also the HRs or consultants sent requests for their users.

So we use Dynamic Field to add customerUser information to tickets and we wont loose the connection.

By using a dynamic Field type customer there should be a configuration possibility to show all issues where the field is filled in the customerUser information center.

At the moment... more »
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Customer Service

Survey mehrsprachig

Das Survey Modul sollte Mehrsprachigkeit unterstützen.
Der Kunde kann beim Öffnen der Survey Umfragen auswählen, in welcher Sprache diese angezeigt werden soll.

Beim Erstellen einer Umfrage werden die Fragen, sowie die möglichen Antwort erstellt.
Nach dem Erstellen kann diesem Set (Fragen und Antworten) eine Sprache zugewiesen werden.
Die Fragen und Antworten können dann weiteren Sprachen zugeteilt werden.
Alle erstellen... more »
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Customer Service

Ticket Search Attributes in Main Menu

With integrating ElasticSearch in OTRS 7 the input-field for FulltextSearch disappeared in the main menu.

Suggestion for OTRS 8 Agent-Frontend:
It should be possible for agents to search a ticket by ticketnumber without opening another window (like still existing search for customer / customer-user).
Maybe other companys are focused on different search-attributes. So it would be great to select in sysconfig the search-attributes... more »
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Customer Service

Health Report doesn't show support data date


the health report send by "sys-health-reports@otrs.com" doesn't contain a timestamp of the last support data send.
I had the problem, that the status report was send on 12th December, but the data were 5 days old. The health report doesn't contain an indicator, if there is a problem with the update.

My suggestion:
- Write the date of the last registration update in the report
- In case there aren't new data,... more »
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Customer Service

Phone format in OTRS AG mails aren't DIN conform trending idea

Dear OTRS AG team,

your corporate signature states your phone numers in this format: +49 (0) 9421 56818 0
This has the huge disadvantage, that most VoIP solutions on corporate desktops don't recognise this as a dialable phone number.
If you want to be called from a corporate device, the caller needs to manualy delete either the zero or the +49 part.
Since most corporates uses internal numbers, I would prefere your numbers... more »
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Customer Service

Enable Field "Customer User" in pop up window "Change Priority"

In the pop-up window "Change Priority" the ticket details should be added the field "Customer User". This allowed you to change all the usual ticket information in one place. (see image)


Im Popup-Fenster "Change Priority" sollte den Ticketdetails das Feld "Customer User" hinzugefügt werden. Auf diese Weise können Sie alle üblichen Ticketinformationen an einem Ort ändern. (siehe Bild)

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Customer Service

OTRS FAQ: Enable RichText although disabled in Frontend::RichTex

Disabling Frontend::RichText may be necassary if local security policies may not allow to send html mails. But a disabled Frontend::RichText affects the FAQ module, too. And it makes no sense to have non html faq web articles.

So either you need to hack otrs and disable richtext in the email compose module or you need to hack the faq to enable RichText.

It is a very, very simple task to patch OTRS to do that. But it... more »
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Customer Service

Smart quoting.

It should be possible for the user to proactively highlight text to be quoted in replies. Currently there is only a system-wide setting. Allowing the user to highlight text, then choose reply adding only the selected text to the new reply would be much more efficient. Selecting multiple passages in the text would create two quote blocks. The OMQ plugin does this.

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Customer Service

Self deleting dynamic Fields (GDPR/DSGVO)

Dear Sir or Madam,

Is it possible to create "temporary stored Fields" (for example an Emergency Telephone Number to reach the customer).

Most of the time it is required to store Personal Information for a concrete business concern (which is possible in GDPR). But the option to "Forget" must be implemented. Therefore a deletion after ticket Close would be a nice Feature.

If there are fields especially for that purpose,... more »