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IT Service Management

Escalation - Multiple Notify By options

As a service manager I would like to be notified during several steps of an escalation. E.g. when having a queue based escalation, I want to be notified after 30% and 50% and 90% of reaching the escalation time. So in conclusion it would be great if you could change the "Notify by" field type to multiselect except of dropdown.

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IT Service Management

Create automatic link between a Ticket and a Config Item

Hi there.


I have a question, I want to send an email to OTRS, and I want to that ticket opens automatically with a Config Item linked. Is could that possible?


I know that is possible to automatic open a ticket with a service linked. And link that service with CI's before send the email. But I just want to know if is possible just to "autolink" a ticket with a CI, when an email arrives.




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IT Service Management

Make article create easier in process manager

Currently when you want a Transition Action to create an article you almost have to 'program' the article settings. Why not offer an interface comparable to e.g. event notifications or the add note interface of GenericAgent.


There is also no copy option, when you need to create a lot of Transition Actions which creates articles it is a lot of work

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IT Service Management

Improve config of dynamic field usage system monitoring addon

In the system monitoring addon configuration you need to specify 3 dynamic fields, however it is not intiutive how that works. You need to use 3 freetext dynamic fields and then just specify the number of those you picked. It would be much more flexible if you could just use any dynamic field and specify those in the sysmon configuration