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Reporting and Analytics

List Reports for Config Items

It would be great if OTRS Reports Module could generate "Dynamic List" kind reports. Today it is not possible.

Another alternative way to get lists of CIs is that the Search functionality in the CMDB could use a Multiple Selection Field, to be able to perform searches over several CI classes at once.

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Reporting and Analytics

Separate Timezone from Date field in csv report exports

Since the upgrade to OTRS6 timezone settings have been given increased importance. This is generally good however we have found that when we create reports and export them as .csv files the date fields such as create date now contain the timezone too. This is annoying as previously it was just a numerical field. When we generated the reports we could use excel formula to sort and analyse the results. Now that the timezone... more »
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Reporting and Analytics

Print ticket / faq inline images and html

hello together, we use the ticket system to represent our entire processes and organizational processes. furthermore, faq is a very important tool, especially for our customers. Unfortunately, from our point of view, there is no correct audit security, because the inline content is not printed in any areas via the print function. we are still a paper-bound public authority and thus we can not carry out audit-proof filing... more »
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Reporting and Analytics

Add before/after time query option in reports

When using the search option in Agent interface, agents can add a search criteria like "Ticket Create Time (before/after)". This option isn't available when creating reports, To create reports about i.e. "how many tickets are older than 10 days in queue" it would be very helpful to have this option available.

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Reporting and Analytics

Attractive email template for the business report in HTML or PDF

The business report one can send by email on a configurable schedule is only sent in plaintext. I suggest to allow multiple channels like email and web view for the report and also to include the content into the email with HTML directly or with a PDF file.

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Reporting and Analytics

Accounted time settings to the Postmaster Filter

Let's take a situation where several agents use not the OTRS interface for ticket handling, but they send articles via e-mails. The tickets are managed with these e-mails (ie. priority, status...etc.). See the relating chapter in the Admin Manual:

With the help of the mail filters many things can be settled, but not... more »
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Reporting and Analytics

stats module

Can you PLEASE distribute a useful description of the "dynamic objects" in the report generator? All I find is NOT helpful:

"Dynamic object"

If the OTRS installation provides various dynamic objects, one of them can be selected at this step. The objects meet the requirements of the particular modules.

By trying I understand the "Ticketlist" the TicketAccumulation and the TicketAccountedTime, for example.
But:... more »
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Reporting and Analytics


Search Results as Dashlets
It would be a great (and preferrably easy to implement) idea to be able to make saved searches available in dashboards. So that if you define a search and save the parameters you could choose this saved search to appear as a dashlet in the dashboard. Seems to be pretty easy and would offer a lot of useful things (e. g. keeping track in the dashboard of all tickets in a certain queue which have... more »
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Reporting and Analytics

[Dashboard Statistics] - clickable bars



It would be very cool and useful if when clicking a bar on a dashboard statistics graphic, OTRS would show the user the ticket list corresponding to that specific bar (like a normal ticket search, but with the search parameters used for the value of the bar).


Thank you,

Paulo Matias

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Reporting and Analytics

Focus user's TimeAccounting report down to this month's projects

In the Reporting section of TimeAccounting I can look at a report for a single user by clicking on their row in the User Reports table. The second tabular report on the page I get is titled "User's project overview". There are a set of rows for every project the user has ever logged time against. Sometimes I only want to see the projects they have logged time for in the current month.

You already provide a link at the... more »
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Reporting and Analytics


Show specifically defined Statistic-Widget on chosen Queue-Dashboard w/o Rights on Stat-Module.


I defined a simple Widget to be shown on the Dashboard (w/ opt-in or -out in Settings) of our Helpdesk-Agents. I had to learn that they need at least ro-Rights on Stat. But the latter leeds to the whole Stat-Module on Agent-Dashboard (Menu-Entry) with all defined Statistics.

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Reporting and Analytics

Tree based Statistic (Stats) Navigation

It's very difficult for me and my customers to find specific stat on the Stat module.


And gets more difficult when we have a relative huge number of stats.


So, my idea, inspired on other report and ITSM softwares, is a simple folder navigation for OTRS Stats Module. One example Attached