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User Experience

Dialog Anlegen/Ändern GenericAgent überarbeiten

Wir nutzen einige dynamische Felder vom Typ Datenbank und Configuration Item mit vielen Werten. Mittlerweile benötigt der Dialog zum Anlegen und Ändern von GenericAgents sehr lange, da er immer ALLE dynamischen Felder zum Selektieren und Ändern anzeigt. Hier wäre es wünschenswert, wenn man die dynamischen Felder für den jeweiligen GenericAgent auswählen könnte und nicht immer alle angezeigt werden. Zusätzlich wäre es... more »
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User Experience

Make ticket notifications forwardable

Dear all,

in https://otrsteam.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Reply-to-and-forward-of-Ticket-Notes/81987-10369 there was a request to make ticket notifications forwardable. This idea is in status "completed", so I expected it to be implementet.

In the current OTRS 6 version, these notifications aren't forwardable, because of:
if ( $Param{ChannelName} eq 'Email' && $Param{Article}->{SenderType}
eq 'system' ) {

# skip... more »
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User Experience

In queue view, the sender displayed is not the last one

in queue view (S, M and L), the displayed Sender is not always the sender of the last article and it's quite annoying for my users.

Even if the last article was sent by an agent, the sender displayed in the queue views corresponds to the customer.

I submitted a bug (https://bugs.otrs.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14711), but I was told it is not a bug and it is the expected behaviour...

What do you think about it?

with this... more »
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User Experience

Warn user if empty subject

If you create a new outgoing e-mail ("e-mail outbound"), the subject is auto filled with the ticket hook and ticket number.


It would be nice, if the frontend warns the agent, if he/she doesn't add a proper subject.


If a customer answers to a mail without a subject and just the ticketnumber, OTRS will display an empty subject line.

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User Experience

Filter of process elements

If in an OTRS there are many processes, including many elements, it is very difficult to edit a current process, as it is not well seen that which element is the part of the process being edited. I would like to have a button, with which the elements of the process, being edited, could be filtered. Could you, please, check my idea in the attached screenshot.

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User Experience

Automatic Upadte Email sent icon on Agent TicketZoom

After sending/answering/forwarding an email from the Agent TicketZoom an rotating icon and a static note appears to show you that the mail will be sent. This two are static graphics with no update functionality. So it will be shown there untill the page is reload again and the systems checks the mailsending. For the better user experience and the intuitive operation the notes should be updated automatically if the mail... more »
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User Experience

Make checkbox for RegistrationUpdateSend


STORM doesn't send a registration update, even if the option is checked at the cloud service admin GUI.
I suggest a checkbox for Daemon::SchedulerCronTaskManager::Task###RegistrationUpdateSend at the STORM management GUI to scatter some possible confusion regarding this feature.
At the admin panel, it is not possible to see, that this feature is overwritten in the sysconfig.
If a checkbox isn't possible at least... more »
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User Experience

Reaction time doesn't count down in TicketZoom

Dear team,

if I open a ticket and enter the TicketZoom, the time at the reaction time field doesn't count up/down anymore.
So if I open the ticket and don't work on it, do something different, leave the window open and check back at a later point I could be mislead by the time. I activly have to check the timestamp given in order to estimate how much time I have left (or reload the window).

A simple JavaScript counter... more »
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User Experience

Have a safety warning before deleting a GenericAgent

When you delete a GenericAgent, this is done immediately without an "Are you sure you want to delete...".

As the deletion is placed directly near the run button, a GenericAgent can be easily deleted by mistake.


I propose to have an "Are you sure...?" question before the GenericAgent is actually deleted, similar to the question if you are sure when you want to run it.