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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Import attached iCal or Outlook-Date files

It would be great to be able to import iCal or Outlook-Date files from attachments to one of the calendars in OTRS or at least to show the content in a human readable way.

Customers send their invitation to remote sessions often via Outlook, WebEx, Skype aso. as email with a ics file or a file-3 as attachment. To open and read those files, you need to download it and open it in a related outlook-like client.... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

FieldHelpContainer as in OTRS 6

Die Beschreibung (lang) bei einem Feld im ActivityDialog wurde in OTRS 6 mit "?" im FieldHelpContainer dargestellt. In OTRS 7 wird dieser Text im externen Frontend einfach unter das Feld geschrieben, was bei längeren Texten den Dialog unübersichtlich macht. Dies trägt nicht zur Nutzerzufriedenheit bei.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Fulltext Search as in version 5 and 6 / Volltextsuche wie in 5/6

Wir möchten die Volltextsuche als kleines Eingabefenster in der Titelleiste zurück, wie bei Version 5 und 6.

Die zwei neuen kleinen Fenster für CustomerID und CustomerName sind nutzlos, wenn man zB eine Ticketnummer suchen möchte oder Volltext und die Elasticsearch bringt nicht die Ergebnisse die man braucht. Wir möchten daher das Fensterchen aus Version 5 und 6 zurück.

Es wäre auch ok, wenn man die zwei kleinen Fenster... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Calendar Reasource Planning: ICS file to customers

As a trainer I want to use the Feature AddOn Calendar Resource Planning to manage the appointments in a calendar, via ICS file. It would be great if those ics files could be provided to my customers / the other people in my trainings.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Resource Planning: Use objects (or CIs) as appointment resources

As a trainer I want to plan our resources according training appointments in the calendar module. To manage the trainers, you can use the resource planning feature addon. To manage objects, e.g. laptops for the trainings, you would have to create agents for them. It would be great if I could select objects (e.g. as ConfigItems from the CMDB) as resources for the appointments in the calendar.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Create one database user per agent

The OTRS framework doesn't have any fraud prevention or insider threat prevention measures.

Thus we tried to implement counter measures on the database side. But the measures were bound to fail, because OTRS uses just one database user for all agents.

If we want to limit the access to data per day or so, we need a more granular model.
We suggest the usage of one database user per agent or restrictions on frontend side.... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Send Mail to customer including ticket notes

I would like to add the possibility for agents to send the whole ticket including all notes to a customer by mail.


For now, people press the print button and then append the pdf in the mail that is being sent to the customer. Adding a button or maybe allowing the agent to choose that action when closing a ticket would make that process way faster.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

allow to add css or other html in Ticket::Frontend::ResponseForm

Allow the definition of a global answer template or to add css/html in the Ticket::Frontend::ResponseFormat configuration setting .

this template should wrap messages written by the agent (using a standard answer template or not).

allow the use of CSS / Styles in answer templates. Now they are removed from the HTML code.

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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Ticketlist as dashboard

Dear team,

since idea nr. 420 (https://otrsteam.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Customer-Dashboard/116448-10369) hasn't any update since 7 years I dare to open this idea in addition.

The standard ticketlist dashboards (e. g. escalated tickets, active process tickets, etc.) mostly don't fit all of the agent's needs.
Making the ticketlists of the dashboardable is in my eyes a crucial and really helpful addition to the other dashboards.... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

ressource calendar - same agent multiple teams not shown

We split our division into several teams of about 10-30 people inside there regular section. But of course they also appear in some kind of x-matrix teams as well as the section chiefs are in a ressource chiefs.

If anybody adds an appointment, connected to a resource and agent, you cannot see it in other resources. The workaround is to mark all resources and then add the person.

I see two problems with this solution:... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

SMIME and Tickets with lot of articles -> slow trending idea

If we open an ticket all articles were copied to the var/tmp/ directrory and if they have s/mime content they will be checked with openssl.

This is a very, very time expensive task... check CRL lists...For example here we have a 30 article long ticket with round about 15 smime mails and opening the ticket (AgentTicketZoom) takes round about 11 seconds with s/mime. If we disable smime opening tackes round about one second.... more »
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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Customer object as a dynamic field in ITSM Changes

Currently the Customer object is not connected with ITSM Change, which hinders to have an overall look of all changes/work orders related to the customer.
If it was possible to have a lock-up field for the Customer object, agents could easily choose an existing customer from the lock-up field in the ITSM Change. This prevents wrong spelling of the customer name in a customized text field. It also helps the Agents to get... more »