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Choose Queue Confirm

Unsere Agent's teilten uns mit, ob es möglich ist, mit «confirm» bei der Queue abonnieren direkt zu speichern ohne den zweiten Hacken noch zu bestätigen.


Edit by moderator, English translation:

Agents are requesting to save personal preferences like the queue subscriptions by just clicking "confirm" instead of having to press the checkmark button afterwards.

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Allow templates to belong to multiple types

It would be nice to be able to use the same template for "Create", "Answer" and "Email" types.

Either allow choosing several types for each template or, alternatively, maybe allow using the same name when creating a duplicate template where the only difference is the template type.

As it is now, we'll have to create a template called "Template X Reply", "Template X Create" and "Template X Email" in order to be able... more »
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Add option to also use backup codes with 2 Factor Auth. (TOTP)

We have enabled 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for the Agent login.
There are two scenarios that seem to occur more often than anticipated
1) Agent forgets her/his 2FA device (usually the phone)
2) Agent looses/replaces/reset his 2FA device

In both cases the admin needs to be involved (on short notice) to enable the Agent to work.

Other 2FA enabled services (e.g. Google, Github) have a concept of "backup" or "recovery"... more »
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Merge GenericInterface Debugger into Communication Log

In OTRS 6 the new communication log was introduced. Unfortunately this communication log only shows the transmission status for Emails and SMS.

I would love to also merge the GenericInterface Debugger into this communication log. The benefit of this would be, that you only have one screen, where you can find all the communication related logs.

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auto-login for customers

see the post on your ml: http://lists.otrs.org/pipermail/otrs/2017-August/043103.html

should interesting to have a way for auto-login by an external system without passing user/password.
discouraging defacto to save user credential in an external system.
Other project implement a feature like this, see the plesk implementation for example:
https://support.plesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213411289-How-to-create-autologin-using-an-API-request-in-Plesk-... more »
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Default Responsible / Owner per Queue

It should be possible to select the default responsibles and / or owners of tickets created in a specific queue.


Now there is always "root@localhost" choosen as Responsible and Owner for new Process Tickets.


In SysConfig config should look like this:

- Trigger Event: e.g. "TicketCreate"

- Key (Queue, QueueID) <-> Value (AgentLogin, AgentID, or DynamicField)

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It would be interesting if there was a tag OTRS_CUSTOMER_HTML_BODY - or something like it - that would allow the inclusion of the full original customer message on notifications and the like. The existing OTRS_CUSTOMER_BODY includes just a plain-text message, stripping all "img" (and other) tags present on the original message and, thus, crippling the customer message.
The first image shows the original customer message;... more »
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OTRS Agent individuell die Sortierung nach belieben anpassen

Hinergrund: Service Desk MA, die am Tag viele Tickets seriell abarbeiten, benutzen gern die "normale" Ansicht.


MA aus Fachabteilungen, die eher wenige Tickets am Tag bearbeiten, dafür aber stärker in den einzelnen Tickettehmen drin sind, benutzen lieber die "umgekehrte" Ansicht. Das heißt, der Agent kann in seinen persönlichen Einstellungen die Ansicht wählen.

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Allow flexible sync of user attributes

So far, syncing LDAP/AD attributes is only possible for OTRS default fields like first and last name email, mobile number.

It would be better if it would also allow the sync of other attributes, e.g. department names or other contact information.

This way, this additional information can be used in OTRS functions like notifications and signatures.

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I suggest change the type of field TEXT on the
Because is not possible send larger mails than 4000 bytes.
This problem only affects OTRS that have ORACLE database in the MYSQL database the type of the column is type TEXT that is more large of VARCHAR2(4000 BYTE).
The structure type TEXT in MYSQL database would is equivalent to the CLOB in ORACLE database.... more »
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PostMaster Filters - Setting validity function would be useful

In OTRS it is possible to set validity status (valid, invalid, invalid-temporarily) for almost each value, for example Queues, Status and Generic Agents...etc.

Nevertheless, it is not possible to set validity for PostMaster Filters, though this would be really useful, as there are situations, when because of error-search some mail-filters should be temporarily disabled (banned).

Currently, if I want to disable a mail... more »