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Appointment booking limit within a time frame

We want to be able to book appointments in a team calendar with a variable number of team members. This team calendar should indicate when the maximum amount of available resources (team members) is reached in a same time frame and prevent adding an event in this case. Hence, supposing we have a team calendar composed of 4 agents, it shouldn't be possible to create a fifth event say today between 10:00AM and 11:00AM if... more »

Customer Service

Improve CustomerUser visibility for agents/queues

Do not let every agent in the system see the full list of customer users. You can block access to the customer information center, but the agent will still be able to see every customer in the To: field with auto complete e.g. when writing a new ticket.

It's in business solution, i know.

Customer Service

Place an own new ticket via agent interface

In case an agent wants to place an own request (to another team also using OTRS) - the agent either needs to send an email or to log on as customer. I suggest to allow agents to create a ticket (as customer) directly within the agent interface. Within the "Ticket" drop down menu there could be "New own ticket" item next to "New Phone ticket" and "New email ticket". By clicking this item similar window than inside more »

Customer Service

FROM and TO for In- and Outbound Phone Calls

Unfortunately the screen AgentTicketPhoneCommon don't display a customer user selection. As usually all communication screens in OTRS display a customer user selection (e.g. AgentTicketCompose), this is a missing feature in the current implementation.

The in- and outbound phone call screens should save the article in the right configuration PLUS display a customer user search to define the FROM in AgentTicketPhoneInbound... more »

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New ticket with internal note

It would be interesting to allow ticket creation with an internal note, ie no accessible by customer.

Sometime, we have to create a ticket related to an equipment used or rent by a customer/company but this "link" between customer and ticket is just used for statistics, customer doesn't need access to this ticket and if we have to exchange with customer (it happens), we'd use the reply button in the ticket zoom.... more »

Customer Service

Workflow: Customer Reminder for open Ticket (Auto Remind, Close)

If a ticket requires customer information, the ticket contact should periodically receive reminders. After a specific amount of days has passed, the ticket status get automatically marked as e.g. "Closed / No Response". No agent-side action required.

The ticket will be set active again, if the customer follows up and answers to the ticket.

Related forum topic: more »

Customer Service

Optional subject for FAQ response

If you use some FAQ article as a template reply to the customer, then you can't keep the original subject of the customer's incoming request. It is always changed to "original subject + the subject of the article from faq".

I suggest to remove this functionality (or make it optional), because:
1. It is useless from the point of design and usability (customers usually expect "See more"-like link in the message body,... more »

Customer Service

Add GenericAgent FAQ::Private*-/FAQ::Customer*-Functions

Please also add the possibility to search and retrieve private ("customer") FAQ-entries via the GenericAgent.

Currently you can only search for FAQ-entries marked as public - but when integrating the FAQs into a customer-website, I found it quite usefull to also to be able to retrieve FAQ-entries restricted to customers.

Customer Service

Different Ticket Hooks

I do suggest to allow usage of different tickets hooks (queue or ticket type specific). This would make it lot easier for customers and agents to distinguish between different kind of tickets.
(We use one OTRS system inside our company for internal support in different teams like HR, IT, FacilityMngt - and it would be great if ticket hook can be changed for the different teams. This would make it much easier for employees:... more »

Customer Service

Language Selction in Surveys

I'm working on the idea to let the customer choose in what Language he wants to see the text written in the survey.
- There hast to be a dropdown for the customer to select his prefered language
- welcome-text, questions, answeres must be created in all wanted languages

Quick and dirty:
Is it possible to create a google-translate button on the page? Not all browser can do it on their own.