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Customer Service

"Add to customer database" button

On of the most vital elements of a successful business is a well maintained customer data source.
I suggest to provide an option to add a "Add to customer data source" button into the "Customer Information" box if there is an unknown customer linked to the ticket (e.g. unknown email sender).
An additional button could be "Use to update existing customer record".
Cheers, Nils

Customer Service

Survey module - switch

Can we set up a generic agent to rotate the "master" status survey? For instance, I want to send out a survey per language, but because we're restricted to sending out one at a time, I would need to switch the "master" survey manually. I would like to be able to do that automatically using the generic agent, but I don't see an option for that.

Customer Service

FAQ module: Editable entry templates

I would like to have the ability to create data entry templates for different kind of articles. (or at least the ability to edit the section headers). For example one type of article deals with problems. Sections like Symptoms, Problems and solution are appropriate for that type. Other article types are How to's. In this case the default sections don't match. Sections like Use-case and solution are more appropriate for... more »

Customer Service

Anonymouse Surveys

a) If the request was answered by the user, the connection between the answers and (the ticket and the user) can be deleted.
The legal department of a customer don't want the connection be stored.

I tried to delete the ticket_ids and send_to adress from the survey_request. It is still working.

b) Give a setting (checkbox) to decide if a survey is anonymous or not.

Customer Service

Allow PDF preview functionality also in FAQ module and Change Ma

For tickets you can define 'MIME-viewers' in OTRS that allow you to for instance preview the contents of PDF files, Word documents et cetera without the need to download the document and load it into the software.

This works quite nice. However this functionality is limited to tickets and it is not available in for instance the FAQ module or the Change Management module. Please extend it also to these parts of OTRS.

Customer Service

Configurable Dynamic Q/A Form Ticket generator

I suggest a configurable, dynamic Q/A form ticket generator. This would be used by agents and customers likewise, to create tickets over a series of form fields in dependency to each other.

In practice, the agent/ customer would just follow a predefined catalogue of questions, in form of drop downs/ multiselects/ option fields. Those question woud be in dependency to each other. At the end, the ticket would be created... more »

Customer Service

linking tickets to FAQs (unidirectional, temporary, hidden)

I suggest to
- optionally hide links from tickets to FAQs
- or to delete them after a configurable time
- or to create a FAQ watch list
- or to make unidirectional links possible,

Use Case:

1. You work on a ticket and link it to a FAQ, so that you or others don't overlook it.

(Usally because of important information to solve the ticket or to remember to update the FAQ. Similiar to the ticket watch list.)

2. Since... more »

Customer Service

Auto add email addresses to address book.

Automatically add inbound "from" and outbound "reply to" email addresses into the address book (with a check to prevent duplicates).

This has been suggested before, and is critical for us to continue using OTRS.

We have dozens of clients with hundreds of users and our support team is constantly searching for people's email address in order to CC, bounce, forward, or close tickets. Most inbound and team replys automatically... more »