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Custom PDF Output

It would be great to have an empty PDF Output which could be filled by administrative templates. The business case looks like this: A agent or customer creates a process ticket and requests e.g. permissions for some systems. The internal IT creates a new account and fills new username and password in dynamic fields assigned to the process. Afterwards the agent can print a customized PDF which contains the dynamic fields... more »



Right form of the names

OTRS aims to internationalization (i18n), so the right appearance of the dates is provided according to the language files. Nevertheless, the names are still not in the right form. There is not a separate setting for the Customers' names, it can be manipulated only in the Config.pm file, but is doesn't appear on the Customer's interface (Picture 1). There is a separate setting for the Agents' name here: Framework →... more »


Embedded Answers and SearchResults

Hello OTRS-Team,


thank you for such a great product. Please update nasty popups in ticket-responses, ticket-notes, etc., locked tickets and queue views multisite reload to CSS inline refresh like in dashboard widgets. This request applies to both the Agent Frontend as well as the Customer Frontend. It would increase comfort and speed working with the system. thanks in advance.



Rene Zander

Sysop rlc packaging group


Move - Push - Pull

I suggest to rename the term "move" within the access rights into "push". As this is more clear what is been meant. If you have the "move" right you can move a ticket on which you have write access into a queue associated with the dedicated group.


Another useful right could be a "Pull". Meaning you can fetch emails from the queue associated with the group into any of the groups you have write access


Improve Quality Assurence in OTRS - add Continuous integration

I think, that many companies interested in Open Source products with higest level Q&A and we need add some Q&A politic/standard/conventions for OTRS project. In OTRS project we have many unit and functional tests, but few are failed. New futures has no tests - it is very bad situation today. It is not quarantee high level Q&A and maybe this Open Source product is not "number one" in Helpdesk systems today. I will be... more »


search ticket by number

We need to look for tickets by number a lot. Search field


is good, but full text search takes a lot of time.

And a switch that says that we are looking for a ticket number, or a separate search field like




could be a great thing.