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Linking CIs via Postmaster Filter/Generic Agent

I would like to have an option to link CIs based on a regular expression (Subject|Body) within the Postmaster Filter and/or Generic Agent. Example for Postmaster Filter: We have a filter condition for subjects that looks like: ((?<=\bCI:\s)(\S+)) So I would like to link the CI written in the subject [***] with the CI in the CMDB. Example for Generic Agent: I have a process where a customer or an agent can enter a string ...more »


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IT Service Management

Submitted by (@testo1929)

Create automatic link between a Ticket and a Config Item

Hi there.


I have a question, I want to send an email to OTRS, and I want to that ticket opens automatically with a Config Item linked. Is could that possible?


I know that is possible to automatic open a ticket with a service linked. And link that service with CI's before send the email. But I just want to know if is possible just to "autolink" a ticket with a CI, when an email arrives.





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PostMaster Filters - Setting validity function would be useful

In OTRS it is possible to set validity status (valid, invalid, invalid-temporarily) for almost each value, for example Queues, Status and Generic Agents...etc. Nevertheless, it is not possible to set validity for PostMaster Filters, though this would be really useful, as there are situations, when because of error-search some mail-filters should be temporarily disabled (banned). Currently, if I want to disable a mail ...more »


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PostMasterFilter: Option "deactivate FollowUp message"

I created a FollowUp PostMasterFilter for a Dynamic Field and i have in my Process a Transition that match for this Value that i set in the PostMasterFilter. If now a message is coming in and match this PostMasterFilter then the process will get automatically to the next Activity. Now is it very anoying that i get for every FollowUp a Message as Email. It would be nice to implement a Option to deactivate the FollowUp's ...more »


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Explain how to use alphabetical ordering of Postmaster filters

In the documentation, the page 'Filtering incoming messages' should explain that OTRS applies the filters in alphabetical order. So even though the GUI does not provide an intuitive way to order the filters in the list, it is possible to set the order indirectly by naming the filters adequately. For example by prefixing all filter names with numbers, like this: '001 first filter', '002 second filter', etc.


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