Submitted by (@netbez)

Alias for Agent From Field

If you want to sent a ticket to external partners they probably don't know who Helpdesk( is for example.

So if you can choose another alias for the from field in the ViewCompose window that would be very helpful.

Thereby the Emailadress should not be touched only the alias/display name

For example (Peter Smith ( instead of Helpdesk(


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Submitted by (@yorfeix)

Layout of email recipients

In all email forms where I can enter an To, CC or BCC the address type is always on the last line of the particular type. I think this is very confusing as one will normally read from top down. Perhaps it is possible to group the addresses in a more obvious way. This can be done by a padding to the next type group or by printing the type in front of every row. At least the type should be in the first line of that ...more »


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