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Survey module - switch

Can we set up a generic agent to rotate the "master" status survey? For instance, I want to send out a survey per language, but because we're restricted to sending out one at a time, I would need to switch the "master" survey manually. I would like to be able to do that automatically using the generic agent, but I don't see an option for that.


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Anonymouse Surveys

a) If the request was answered by the user, the connection between the answers and (the ticket and the user) can be deleted.

The legal department of a customer don't want the connection be stored.


I tried to delete the ticket_ids and send_to adress from the survey_request. It is still working.


b) Give a setting (checkbox) to decide if a survey is anonymous or not.


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Survey send restrictions based on ticket info

I suggest you to add the possibility to restrict the send of a survey based on ticket information:


For example:

Block the send if the ticket matchs one of the following fields:


FreeText1 = "no survey"

Priority = "1 - low"

OwnerID = "1"

Type = "Ticket-Internal"


and also in negative way:


Type is not "Ticket-Internal"

Priority is not "High"


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