Reporting and Analytics

Separate Timezone from Date field in csv report exports

Since the upgrade to OTRS6 timezone settings have been given increased importance. This is generally good however we have found that when we create reports and export them as .csv files the date fields such as create date now contain the timezone too. This is annoying as previously it was just a numerical field. When we generated the reports we could use excel formula to sort and analyse the results. Now that the timezone ...more »

Submitted by (@cucharilla)


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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Linking CIs via Postmaster Filter/Generic Agent

I would like to have an option to link CIs based on a regular expression (Subject|Body) within the Postmaster Filter and/or Generic Agent. Example for Postmaster Filter: We have a filter condition for subjects that looks like: ((?<=\bCI:\s)(\S+)) So I would like to link the CI written in the subject [***] with the CI in the CMDB. Example for Generic Agent: I have a process where a customer or an agent can enter a string ...more »

Submitted by (@markus.hlinka)


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User Experience

Overzealous advertisement of Business Solution™

The OTRS Free system bombards the admin with OTRS BS™ everywhere, and that's probably understandable. I won't complain, I can live with it. Admins are damned anyway. However OTRS 6 started pretty visibly to annoy the average agents: User setting/logout, Calendar and Reports contain advertisements, and various parts of the system contain ads as well. I do not think this is nice. Obviously I have the source, I can ...more »

Submitted by (@grinapo)


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Customer Service

Service Contract manager

This function may include the creation of new contracts with a customer associated, beginning date and end date, scope, attachments, etc, date of maintenance programed. When those date are close to be up create tickets automatically and notification. When you are trying to create a ticket it validates if the client has contract or not (validating trough the dates).

Submitted by (@jpgarzon)


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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Adding Images in Templates

It should be possible to add images to article templates in the same way as adding them to FAQ Articles or when composing an E-Mail, i.e. by copy/paste or uploading them in the editor. Currently, adding images in a template is only possible by including the image encoded in base64. If you have many images, you will exceed the character limit quickly. We would like to create some image-heavy step-by step procedure templates ...more »

Submitted by (@andre.sturm)


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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Add deadline (vaild until) date to Dashboard News Widget entries

We use the Dashboard News Widget quite a lot.

Very often we have news entries that are only relevant until a certain date. (Sometimes they are only useful after a certain date).

It would be great to be able set a date for each entry and then this news item will be automatically be shown/hidden in the Widget based on this date (these dates).

Submitted by (@rhabermann)


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