Customer Service

Smart quoting.

It should be possible for the user to proactively highlight text to be quoted in replies. Currently there is only a system-wide setting. Allowing the user to highlight text, then choose reply adding only the selected text to the new reply would be much more efficient. Selecting multiple passages in the text would create two quote blocks. The OMQ plugin does this.

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User Experience

Agents should not have to acknowledge twice same notification

When an agent is either the responsible, the owner or watching the ticket, he has already the "star" system that points him where he has an unread article. So the non-optimal feature to correct is the Notification web view (AgentNotificationView), because when the agent is flagged in the "inform agents" field in an AgentTicketNote, and the same agent is either responsible, owner or watching the ticket, he might have ...more »

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User Experience

Customer signature

[DE] Es wäre für Customer ein schönes Feature, wenn mittels Klick auf einen "Signaturbutton" eine in den Preferences eingestellte Signatur in einen neuen Artikel eingefügt werden könnte.


[EN, edit MV]: Please add the possibility for Customers to add a customizable and configurable signature to articles. The Customer should be able to configure the signature via her or his preferences.

Submitted by (@doerrer)

Available as Business or freely selectable Feature : No MODERATOR


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