SOAP Interface goes ITSM and more

I suggest to extend the SOAP Interface for all common tasks within Ticket, Service Level Management, Configuration Management and Change Management. Additionally it would be useful to have the SOAP interface modulare so that other packages can extend die SOAP interface with their objects and methods. E.g. the FAQ. This would enable other tools to use the OTRS FAQ or to update content in the FAQ.

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Exclude addresses for Auto Responses from a list in SysConfig

We currently have an option where you can surpress auto responses on tickets based on the sender address; you can configure a regexp and if it matches, no auto response is sent. Obviously this is powerful but it would also be not very easy for the administrator; if he for instance wants to add several email addresses of automated systems it can be tricky to maintain in a single regexp and it can get a mess very quickly. ...more »

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Personlize the sorting sequence

I would like to have the possibitlity that every agent can set a default sorting order for for the ticket AgentTicketLockedView. So Agent A could see it automatically from oldest to youngest ticket. And Agent B could automatically see the tickets from youngest to oldest. So I thing in AgentPreferences there should be a sorting default: youngest tickets first vs. oldest tickets first

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Reporting and Analytics

Accounted time settings to the Postmaster Filter

Let's take a situation where several agents use not the OTRS interface for ticket handling, but they send articles via e-mails. The tickets are managed with these e-mails (ie. priority, status...etc.). See the relating chapter in the Admin Manual: With the help of the mail filters many things can be settled, but not ...more »

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Add documentation to enable SELinux

I think it is a bad habit to write in the documentation: "to run this software you have to disable SELinux"

For a productive system it is not a good practice to disable it.

It wood be better to show up which rules are needed to run OTRS.

Another option would be to point at the permissive state for SELinux that logs all needed permissions tant can be enabled afterwards by an audit tool in a batch.

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Customer Service

Workflow: Customer Reminder for open Ticket (Auto Remind, Close)

If a ticket requires customer information, the ticket contact should periodically receive reminders. After a specific amount of days has passed, the ticket status get automatically marked as e.g. "Closed / No Response". No agent-side action required. The ticket will be set active again, if the customer follows up and answers to the ticket. Related forum topic: ...more »

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User Experience

time accounting data entry

I suggest you to improve time_accounting data entry. More Agents complain that data submission is not "smart". I (they) mean:

When you have to submit more than one day, if you submit one, time_accounting should change to the new day (if required), if it is the last one, the next scren should be the dashboard (or the agent/configuration setting)

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