PostMasterFilter: Option "deactivate FollowUp message"

I created a FollowUp PostMasterFilter for a Dynamic Field and i have in my Process a Transition that match for this Value that i set in the PostMasterFilter. If now a message is coming in and match this PostMasterFilter then the process will get automatically to the next Activity. Now is it very anoying that i get for every FollowUp a Message as Email. It would be nice to implement a Option to deactivate the FollowUp's... more »


Customer Company Name in Customer Portal

When a customer logs in to page, it is shown the Company logo and Name, but not the customer company name, only the name of the user as "Logout John Doe". I guess I can obtain to have the name of user's Company by modifying the header.dtl after obtaining the data from a query to Customer_Company table, but i was wondering of a better way to accomplish this goal, for example, changing the Company name with... more »



Alias for Agent From Field

If you want to sent a ticket to external partners they probably don't know who Helpdesk( is for example.

So if you can choose another alias for the from field in the ViewCompose window that would be very helpful.

Thereby the Emailadress should not be touched only the alias/display name

For example (Peter Smith ( instead of Helpdesk(


Improve layout of Ticket Information on CustomerTicketZoom

Currently the layout of the 'Information' box in the CustomerTicketZoom screen is not neatly aligned as is the case in the Ticket Information box in the AgentTicketZoom screen. On the customer screen there is no alignment of the values of the different fields shown here (like prio, state, impact, any dynamic fields). The customer portal is the business card towards your customers, and it is important that it looks good.... more »

New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Merge dynamic and free fields when merging ticets

Use all dynamic and free fields when merging tickets. We use Dynamic fields and Free fields to map tickets to products or orders. However when we merge a ticket that doesn't have any free/dynamic fields we need to be certain to merge it in a specific order otherwise the free/dynamic fields will be removed/emptied. Better would be to map the fields of both tickets. If one ticket doesn't have the free/dynamic field, use... more »


ProcessManagement: Action "Discard changes"

Currently if some updates were made on a Process and were saved then this Information is coming up: "Process Management information from database is not in sync with the system configuration, please synchronize all processes." In the Section "Actions" there only this features posible: - Create New Process - Synchronize All Processes There isn't a option to discard changes on Processes. I think it is a very good... more »


GenericAgent filter for changetime on agent or customer change

Currently the GenericAgent allows to filter on change times. However, the last entry in the ticket history is evaluated, meaning also system updates influence this filter (things that OTRS does to the ticket by e.g. genericagent actions, or events etc). What would be very helpful is to have the possibility to filter on the last change time from a customer and/or an agent, effectively filtering out all system updates... more »


confirmation button on running administrative action

This is a little enhance that I'm asking as I think it isn't needed the implementation but only a call to function... When you write a new GenericAgent rules in the admin interface, after committing the function, OTRS shows a list of ticket that are matching the rule just written. This is a sort of confermation of what OTRS is going to do. I think it would be very useful if the same list would be shown even if the function... more »


Faster admin interface by preventing double config saves

when an admin clicks on the + sign on many admin screens to add key/values, let only on the client side empty fields appear instead of that also in the config those empty fields are created. So only if the admin fills in the fields and clicks submit, it is actually written to the config. This is much faster as it prevents double config saves. I think this is already implemented for drop down dynamic fields.