New Feature / Feature Enhancement

status renaming for customer portal

it would be great to rename ticket states for the customer portal.

e.g. a status "waiting for customer" should be called like that in the agent portal, and e.g. "open" in the customer.

use case: many customers don't understand why a status is called "open" when it's open for the agent and not for the customer user. or the status is "waiting" in the agent-portal, so it should be "open" for the customer user.


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Empty salutation and signature as default in queues

Not every queue needs a salutations and or signatures. By now it's not even possible to define an empty salutations or signatures. It's not even possible to get a space accepted as text.


It would be great if queues could go without both. Easiest would be to set an empty salutation/signature as default. This would also speed up queue creation a big time.


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User Experience

Color in AgentTicketZoom

Please re-design the Color in AgentTicketZoom for incomming (blue) and outgoing mails (green).

This makes it clearer and easier to work with.


Bitte die Farben AgentTicketZoom für einkommende Mails (blau) und ausgehende Mails (grün) wiederherstellen.

Dies macht es übersichtlicher und erleichtert das Arbeiten.❗️ 🤔


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User Experience

Make checkbox for RegistrationUpdateSend

Hey, STORM doesn't send a registration update, even if the option is checked at the cloud service admin GUI. I suggest a checkbox for Daemon::SchedulerCronTaskManager::Task###RegistrationUpdateSend at the STORM management GUI to scatter some possible confusion regarding this feature. At the admin panel, it is not possible to see, that this feature is overwritten in the sysconfig. If a checkbox isn't possible at least ...more »


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Thanks to 3.0, we now have an easy way to delete links between tickets with the link delete page. There is currently, however, no way to "un-merge" an incorrectly merged ticket. This is a source of incredible frustration, especially when I take the time to ensure that my tickets are clean and to the point, until a co-worker comes along with a lack of attention to detail, and apparently randomly merges stuff to my tickets, ...more »


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User Experience

Hide/Show Dynamic Fields modul doesn't work in process tickets

OTRS Business Solution™️ focuses on proper and effective operation of process tickets. However, in case of process tickets hiding of dynamic fields doesn't work with the help of ACL. If this function was set, the process ticket management would be even more effective and more professional processes could be created.


This function would be expected from Ticket Forms modul.


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Intranet within OTRS

The idea is simple, we are looking for a quite easy intranet within OTRS.

When you login as an agent/employee, it would be great to have a scroll list to choose if you login to intranet or helpdesk.


Within the intranet, i would like to use open source templates, like cms/joomla etc.


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IT Service Management

Allow SLA-Customer association

I suggest establishing SLA-Customer associations since different customers pay for different SLAs typically, so it makes sense. The issue with the current data model is the technician or customer needs to know what SLA they have when opening a ticket, either that, or we need duplicate services on a per-SLA basis to limit the options in the drop-down list (i.e. an Internet Down service for Premium SLA and a separate Internet ...more »


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