Add comment to Generic Agents

As an OTRS administrator on systems with many GenericAgents, I'd like to have the possibility to create comments in each GenericAgent to document what I have in my mind or where I use it or maybe to write down some kind of a history. Especially when I trigger on or change DynamicFields that are not displayed anywhere (just Helpers), it might be difficult to understand the GenericAgent several months after I (or even someone... more »



Datei uploads wieder verwenden

Im Moment müssen bereits hochgeladene Dateien beispielsweise bei einer ausgehenden Email nochmal aus einem Ordner hochgeladen werden um diese zu verschicken. Somit wird eine Datei evtl. mehrfach ins OTRS hochgeladen. Wünschenswert wäre es wenn die hochgeladenen Dateien im Ticket rechts in der Informationsleiste zu sehen wären und man diese von dort aus in eine ausgehende Nachricht etc. per drag and drop ziehen könnte.... more »


New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Ticketlist as dashboard

Dear team, since idea nr. 420 (https://otrsteam.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Customer-Dashboard/116448-10369) hasn't any update since 7 years I dare to open this idea in addition. The standard ticketlist dashboards (e. g. escalated tickets, active process tickets, etc.) mostly don't fit all of the agent's needs. Making the ticketlists of the dashboardable is in my eyes a crucial and really helpful addition to the other dashboards.... more »



Choose Queue Confirm

Unsere Agent's teilten uns mit, ob es möglich ist, mit «confirm» bei der Queue abonnieren direkt zu speichern ohne den zweiten Hacken noch zu bestätigen.


Edit by moderator, English translation:

Agents are requesting to save personal preferences like the queue subscriptions by just clicking "confirm" instead of having to press the checkmark button afterwards.


New Feature / Feature Enhancement

SMIME and Tickets with lot of articles -> slow

If we open an ticket all articles were copied to the var/tmp/ directrory and if they have s/mime content they will be checked with openssl. This is a very, very time expensive task... check CRL lists...For example here we have a 30 article long ticket with round about 15 smime mails and opening the ticket (AgentTicketZoom) takes round about 11 seconds with s/mime. If we disable smime opening tackes round about one second.... more »


User Experience

Have a safety warning before deleting a GenericAgent

When you delete a GenericAgent, this is done immediately without an "Are you sure you want to delete...".

As the deletion is placed directly near the run button, a GenericAgent can be easily deleted by mistake.


I propose to have an "Are you sure...?" question before the GenericAgent is actually deleted, similar to the question if you are sure when you want to run it.


New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Linking CIs via Postmaster Filter/Generic Agent

I would like to have an option to link CIs based on a regular expression (Subject|Body) within the Postmaster Filter and/or Generic Agent. Example for Postmaster Filter: We have a filter condition for subjects that looks like: ((?<=\bCI:\s)(\S+)) So I would like to link the CI written in the subject [***] with the CI in the CMDB. Example for Generic Agent: I have a process where a customer or an agent can enter a string... more »



Right form of the names

OTRS aims to internationalization (i18n), so the right appearance of the dates is provided according to the language files. Nevertheless, the names are still not in the right form. There is not a separate setting for the Customers' names, it can be manipulated only in the Config.pm file, but is doesn't appear on the Customer's interface (Picture 1). There is a separate setting for the Agents' name here: Framework →... more »


Generic Agent Ticket FollowUp trigger

... is missing. I can only specify TicketNoteAdded without filtering author: Customer or Agent. FollowUp events filtering would be very useful. Use case: I have a bunch of services set with different SLAs. And I have 'Customer' queue without any notifications, SLA isn't being calculated there as well. Ticket awaits response from customer in that queue. Once customer has responded, ticket should be automatically moved... more »



Alias for Agent From Field

If you want to sent a ticket to external partners they probably don't know who Helpdesk(OTRS@company.de) is for example.

So if you can choose another alias for the from field in the ViewCompose window that would be very helpful.

Thereby the Emailadress should not be touched only the alias/display name

For example (Peter Smith (otrs@company.de) instead of Helpdesk(otrs@company.de)