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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Resource Planning: Use objects (or CIs) as appointment resources

As a trainer I want to plan our resources according training appointments in the calendar module. To manage the trainers, you can use the resource planning feature addon. To manage objects, e.g. laptops for the trainings, you would have to create agents for them. It would be great if I could select objects (e.g. as ConfigItems from the CMDB) as resources for the appointments in the calendar.

New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Restrict linked tickets shown at Config Item Zoom

In the Config Item zoom, there is no way to choose which linked items (for example: tickets) are shown, so, when too many tickets are linked to a CI, opening the CI zoom view could get slower, or simply not too smart when you need to scroll down for a long time.
It would be great to make possible to configure from the SysConfig, which tickets and other elements are shown. It would be important to be able to filter archived... more »

Reporting and Analytics

List Reports for Config Items

It would be great if OTRS Reports Module could generate "Dynamic List" kind reports. Today it is not possible.
Another alternative way to get lists of CIs is that the Search functionality in the CMDB could use a Multiple Selection Field, to be able to perform searches over several CI classes at once.

New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Enhance search for CI when linking within ticket

If you want to link a config item to a ticket from inside the ticket you can only search for it by
- ConfigItem#
- Name
- Deployment State
- Incident State (see CISearchFromTicket.png)
It would be nice if you were given the same choice of custom fields just like when searching the CMDB (see CISearchFromCMDB.png).
Because right now we always have to open a new tab, search for the CI there and copy over the CI#... more »

New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Linking CIs via Postmaster Filter/Generic Agent

I would like to have an option to link CIs based on a regular expression (Subject|Body) within the Postmaster Filter and/or Generic Agent.

Example for Postmaster Filter:
We have a filter condition for subjects that looks like: ((?<=\bCI:\s)(\S+))
So I would like to link the CI written in the subject [***] with the CI in the CMDB.

Example for Generic Agent:
I have a process where a customer or an agent can enter a string... more »

IT Service Management

Script to remove old versions of CIs

It would be handy to have a back end script similar to that would allow you to purge old CI versions. The xml_storage table does not seem to work very well when it gets large and people using automatic population of the CMDB can end up with a lot of versions that may not be required.

We've done this manually on our CMDB by using a vbscript already, however it would be a useful addition to... more »

IT Service Management

Cycle through CMDB records without having to click back

It would be great if you could sort your CMDB by name, for example, then click on a record to view it. Then, rather than having to click 'back' and then locate the next record in the list, it would be easier to click a 'next' button to go to the next record in the list (as sorted initially). Of course, 'next' should be contextual relative to how the fields were sorted.

This functionality could also provide for a... more »


Add comment to linked objects in tickets

I think it would be nice if it would be possible to add a comment when linking an object like another ticket or an CI to a ticket.

For example if you link a ticket to the current ticket you could describe what relationship the to tickets have or the context in which the ticket was linked. An example comment could be "Ticket addresses the same problem.". These comments would be an optional additional human readable explanation... more »

IT Service Management

Change CI incident state from link to CI in a ticket

It would be great if we could change the "Current Incident State" of a CMDB CI when linking an Incident ticket to the item. For example, a hard disk in a SAN fails and we raise a ticket. While linking the ticket to the CI (while creating the 'Incident' ticket), we could change the "Current Incident State" from 'Operational' to 'Incident'. This streamlines the process and helps those of use whose CMDB is effectively... more »

IT Service Management

CMDB Links should show up as pages

In OTRS 2.4.9 we have a big CMDB and some of the CIs have hundreds or even thousands of relations. When trying to see one of those CIs apache takes a lot time (some times up to 10 minutes) to build the configuration and show it up on the screen so it times out. It would be great if the CMDB relations where shown up in pages so apache can paint the first page and continue building the rest of the pages in the background... more »

IT Service Management

Auto-populate cmdb in otrs


I want to know if it is possible to integrate OTRS with OSC or with onecmdb. This would be interesting because you will be able to auto-populate your cmdb in OTRS.

I know there is an option for the importation of csv files, but I thing this is not best way to handle the cmdb. Also I found a little difficult the importation until now I can not import anything.

Any help for the auto-population of the cmdb in... more »

IT Service Management

Allow customer users to see some parts of CMDB

I need to allow to my customer user to see defined part of CMDB. Most important is to show him CIs which have the Customer user in Owner field. Another need is to show CIs linked with services customer uses. For example to allow read some parts of documentation stored in CMDB.