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New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Customer object as a dynamic field in ITSM Changes

Currently the Customer object is not connected with ITSM Change, which hinders to have an overall look of all changes/work orders related to the customer.
If it was possible to have a lock-up field for the Customer object, agents could easily choose an existing customer from the lock-up field in the ITSM Change. This prevents wrong spelling of the customer name in a customized text field. It also helps the Agents to get... more »

User Experience

customer portal: unread mail

When having the ticket list open with My Tickets, I always see the email text of the first answer I received - after the ticket title. I don't see the text (body) of the last email (neither of the last email I received, nor the last email I sent). Please make it possible to see any later interaction in the ticket. And it would be great to be possible to configure which I would like to see: incoming or outgoing (for me... more »

User Experience

Customer signature

[DE] Es wäre für Customer ein schönes Feature, wenn mittels Klick auf einen "Signaturbutton" eine in den Preferences eingestellte Signatur in einen neuen Artikel eingefügt werden könnte.

[EN, edit MV]: Please add the possibility for Customers to add a customizable and configurable signature to articles. The Customer should be able to configure the signature via her or his preferences.


Contrast of colours on the Customer interface

The contrast between the background and the characters' colour is not strong enough, lower than 4,5:1(light grey background with medium grey characters). The colour hasn't been changed since 2010, when OTRS 3.0 version was released. That would be really useful for partially sighted users if the contrast could be bigger - see the mission in the Developer Manual regarding to Accessibility: more »


Right form of the names

OTRS aims to internationalization (i18n), so the right appearance of the dates is provided according to the language files. Nevertheless, the names are still not in the right form.

There is not a separate setting for the Customers' names, it can be manipulated only in the file, but is doesn't appear on the Customer's interface (Picture 1).

There is a separate setting for the Agents' name here: Framework →... more »


Customer and Company RO groups not working

If you add a group to the Customer or Company Group ro settings in Frontend::Module###AdminCustomerUser or Frontend::Module###AdminCustomerCompany, respectively, the users in those groups will get Read/Write access.

I submitted this as a issue and tried to call it a bug, but OTRS has stated that the AdminCustomerUser and AdminCustomerCompany pages were always meant for read/write. So I couldn't submit this as a bug.... more »

Customer Service

Workflow: Customer Reminder for open Ticket (Auto Remind, Close)

If a ticket requires customer information, the ticket contact should periodically receive reminders. After a specific amount of days has passed, the ticket status get automatically marked as e.g. "Closed / No Response". No agent-side action required.

The ticket will be set active again, if the customer follows up and answers to the ticket.

Related forum topic: more »

New Feature / Feature Enhancement

Improve Online Users

It would be great to improve the dashboard widget "Online Users" to accomplish the following:
- If you click on a customer, you will get to the customer information center for that customer
- If you click on an agent, you will get a search result for any ticket this agent has locked to his id

It would be great if the action on click would be configurable to have also something like
- agent: get a list of tickets... more »


Allow the ability to delete customers

I would like to suggest that you create a method to mark customers as deleted thereby removing them from the list on the customer management screen.

I know that currently you can mark them as "Invalid" however this still allows the customer to be displayed, thus taking up space on the management screen.
If you could mark a customer as "Deleted" it would then mean that the customer would not display on the management... more »