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Customer Service

Enable Field "Customer User" in pop up window "Change Priority"

In the pop-up window "Change Priority" the ticket details should be added the field "Customer User". This allowed you to change all the usual ticket information in one place. (see image)

Im Popup-Fenster "Change Priority" sollte den Ticketdetails das Feld "Customer User" hinzugefügt werden. Auf diese Weise können Sie alle üblichen Ticketinformationen an einem Ort ändern. (siehe Bild)

User Experience

customer portal: unread mail

When having the ticket list open with My Tickets, I always see the email text of the first answer I received - after the ticket title. I don't see the text (body) of the last email (neither of the last email I received, nor the last email I sent). Please make it possible to see any later interaction in the ticket. And it would be great to be possible to configure which I would like to see: incoming or outgoing (for me... more »

Customer Service

Improve CustomerUser visibility for agents/queues

Do not let every agent in the system see the full list of customer users. You can block access to the customer information center, but the agent will still be able to see every customer in the To: field with auto complete e.g. when writing a new ticket.

It's in business solution, i know.