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Customer Service

Optional subject for FAQ response

If you use some FAQ article as a template reply to the customer, then you can't keep the original subject of the customer's incoming request. It is always changed to "original subject + the subject of the article from faq".

I suggest to remove this functionality (or make it optional), because:
1. It is useless from the point of design and usability (customers usually expect "See more"-like link in the message body,... more »

Customer Service

use FAQs as Auto Responses

use FAQs as Auto Responses. The Auto Responses are nice, but the FAQs are much better when having a lot of default answers as there are in a callcenter environment. Especially when using the category/subcategory functionality. Searching the right respons is much easier and using the one click "paste" functionality like the Auto Responses will make the FAQ package very powerfull. With the now used AJAX framework in 3.0... more »